‎ 2019: Lamido charges PDP members not to give in to APC ‘antics’

…Says, ‘APC turning our poverty into their weapons’ 

Tony Osauzo, Benin

Presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sule Lamido, on Thursday, sued for courage from Nigerians to wrestle power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in order to set the nation aright again in 2019.

He made the appeal in Benin when he visited the Edo State secretariat of the PDP to solicit support ahead of the party’s delegates congress.

Lamido said the APC government has impoverished Nigerians and turned it into a weapon which they constantly use to rig election through vote-buying, adding that in 2019, such act will be resisted.

His words, “APC is a government of lies, corruption, insecurity, dividing families, and Nigerians.

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“They have demoralised us and turning our poverty into their own weapon and tried to condition us to vote for them through vote-buying in 2019 and we must stop them.

“So, the journey in 2019, is not for people of chicken-hearted, but for people who are courageous, who can say ‘you, to hell with you. You cannot do it. They are liars. “, he said.

Lanido said the ruling APC is good at conditioning the minds of Nigerians and that the recent statement made by the APC national chairman that the party has 15.3 million votes was a game plan to recondition the minds of Nigerians in 2019.

“Let me tell you that they have programmed you to a particular direction. They said they will do direct primary for Buhari which means open primary both the APC and PDP will come and vote.

“In their own primary with their electoral laws maybe they are going to write 20 million votes for Buhari.

“They are conditioning you and programming you. Oshiomhole had said that APC has 15.3 million members, that means they have simply conditioned and programmed you even before the election.

“If they have 15.3 million what will others now have, and they can now increase that to 26 million. And you can argue because they are professional liars, very evil and they can do everything”, he said.

Lamido who berated President Buhari for championing a weak economy and without providing adequate security the citizens,  said he (the president) has succeeded in taken the country as his own personal property.

“Nobody in APC, including Buhari has vision, human feelings, compassion, not caring but only unleash pains because they want to destroy people’s living standard to a level that they will all become perpetually poor.

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“Some of us are saying Buhari because we don’t have institutions. The economy is very weak, no security, and no standing institutions to protect all of us in terms of justice and fairness.

“One single human being is appropriating Nigeria as his own country”, he said.

The former governor of Jigawa State said in 2019, PDP as a party, has a duty to deliver Nigerians and that Nigerians should be prepared to cast their votes for the party.

“We have history and heritage to defend because PDP is the only party that has the capacity, wherewithal and with the commitment to be able to restore Nigeria to her own glory of security”, he said.



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