Following a viral post about youths, mostly social media influencers which includes; JJ Omojuwa, Debola Williams, Fela Durutoye, Chude Jideonwo, Kola Oyeneyin and Tolu Ogunlesi, who reportedly stole Nigeria’s future by reportedly imposing President Buhari on Nigerians during the 2015 Presidential election, some of those in the call out post have reacted.

JJ Omojuwa who first reacted to the post wrote;

"The people behind this image didn’t put their name on it because they are aware that doing that would make the message on the flyer dead on arrival! Two things happened in 2015, a President was voted out, then a president was voted in. Whatever any rational person would say about the disappointments of the Buhari administration, no rational person could have argued then and even NOW in retrospect that that government should have been retained. Emphasis on rational.

Buhari lost three consecutive elections because Nigerians didn’t vote him. Buhari essentially won the 4th one in 2015 because Nigerians decided they’d rather have anything, anyone, whatever but the incumbent. If you still need anyone to explain this to you in 2018 and you have a candidate for 2019 you are supporting or working on his or her strategy, you have already lost because you do not win an election in a cloud of foolishness and a bubble of delusion. Hopefully those behind this can put their names on it, so at least we can know that they are not ashamed to be named! 2015 is done, it will never come back again, tell your wailing friends to prepare for another election instead of wasting erection over an election that ended three years ago! God bless Nigeria!"

Debola Williams on his own part wrote;

"Many times, we all judge people from our cracked lenses; the the world becomes blurry and everyone crooked. Don’t blame anyone, a man can only see from his vantage.
For out of the abundance of a mans heart, he dishes to others. Remember those who wanted to stone the adulterer but couldn’t when the spotlight was turned on them?
Yes. That’s the world we live in.
Stay with your truth and have compassion on all, hoping one day together we will help fix the lenses and they can see the world fairly with clarity."

Fela Durutoye rumored to have indicated interest in contesting for 2019 Presidential election, wrote;

"#RIP … Mass burial at IBB Square in Makurdi . Thurs.11.1.2018

I am  by the tragic loss of lives in Adamawa, Benue and in Rivers and Kaduna and Borno & just way too many to mention all across our nation.
Priceless lives and destinies cut short by the savage acts of the worthless souls of some demonic and demented terrorists ravaging our nation.
I wish I could call for/declare 3days of mourning but someone will misconstrue it as a political statement.

But can we as human beings just please forget about politics for one precious moment … WE are ALL Nigerians & all children of GOD so WE really are ONE FAMILY. These are OUR brothers and sisters & if these savagery acts of killings and terror all across Nigeria don’t touch your heart or move you to tears, to mourn and to at least want (and try) to take action to solve this problem TOGETHER, then I doubt your humanity.
We must MOURN together with the bereaved families … and remember that WE ARE ONE FAMILY.

So, in any way we can, please let us show love & offer words and acts of kindness to the bereaved; perhaps we may just give them a little bit of Comfort at this time of darkness.
We must however remember that weeping may endure for a night … and YES! This is our night season of gross darkness … but just hold on Nigeria … our light is about to break forth and joy will be restored when our dawn breaks all across our land from East to West … from North to South.

Until then, we must mourn with those who mourn and our hearts offer sincere prayers for their comfort.
And finally, please remember that nothing can be called a problem except it has a solution, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a problem. Together, we can solve this problem if we choose to focus on the solution rather than who to blame for it. There is always enough blame to go round for every tragic situation. What we need now are constructive ideas that can be implemented by one and all. Those that are attacking us are united & only with unity can we defeat these terrorists.
But for now, we mourn … and pray for strength, wisdom and courage to act aright.
God bless you and May God comfort our bereaved nation Nigeria.



from Nairaland