Do you remember that scene in Jurassic Park when John Hammond shows off the mosquito encased in amber?

Well, Mercedes has done thesame for this year’s North American International Auto Show except instead of a mosquito, they’ve encases an entire 1979 G-Class SUV.

The company released a video that evoked the original Jurassic Park film by showing a classic G-Class embedded in amber and promised, "The DNA Lives On."

The automaker will revive that idea at the entrance of Cobo Hall at the show by displaying the world’s largest installation of synthetic resin with a 1979 G-Class suspended in the center of it.

This eye-catching art piece will weigh a portly 44.4 tons (40,280 kilograms) and will give visitors a big hint about the vehicle premiering inside.

The classic 1979 280 GE SUV, the G-Class’ first year of production, which will be put on display to promote the next iteration of the long-lived G-Class.

Mercedes opted for this unique way of presenting its history, Preservation, in a chunk of synthetic resin meant to mimic amber, similar to how fossils can be found preserved in amber.

The block of resin itself is described by Mercedesas weighing in at 44.4 tons, and is said to have taken about three months (90 days) to cast.
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