I’ve been hearing for a while that HOUSE ON THE ROCK’S official outfit on communion day is Black, & last week i got to see the pictures online myself.

If put together with all these things we’ve been hearing & reading about them (http://ift.tt/2Dv1fkh ), in my opinion, is a Satanic Sacrifice. I also understand they don’t call it ‘HOLY’ communion, and all members of the congregation are served. People should be very careful of where they find themselves in the name of church. How on earth can a man brainwash intelligent men that this is Holy communion? Do you guyz know what ‘black & red’ represent?

In my church, The Holy Communion is served to only Born again (practicing christians) who made themselves available at the altar, & white is more acceptable rep for holiness, as worn on Baptism days…

From this act, they are actually possessing their members with some demons which watches over their destiny, thereby gaining access to them at anytime, just for the selfish gains of the Leaders. This is a Satanic initiation ceremony!

I know majority will not agree with me as usual, but the truth remains sacrosanct! Be Wise!!


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