Alhamdulilah, It’s eventually established in Ogun state, a Shari’ah court which Ogun State Muslims have been yearning for ages.

People living in Ogun state and environs can now seek redress or have their case adjudicated based on Qur’an and Sunnah by reputable Islamic Jurists.

The Shari’ah court is under the able leadership of Eminent, Reputable and Erudite Scholars like:
i. Shaykh Dr Khidri Mustafa – Grand Qadi
ii. Shaykh Abdu-r-Rasheed Mayeleke
iii. Dr Musa Afis and host of competent islamic Jurists is opened to all Muslims, male and female.

The Shariah Court handled cases on

1. Marital dispute
2. Imamship tussle
3. Organisational conflict
4. Child custodian and guardianship
5. Inheritance imbroglio and host of other disputes emanated as a result of being Muslims and in the course of practising our Deen.

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