Hey guys. Do you know G’Iyaz? Yes, the Nairaland rapper. The "Good life" crooner? Yes, that G’Iyaz.

He made a remix of Kcee’s "Burn" single and uploaded a video clip of it on Instagram. Kcee got to see it and reposted it. But then, a competition is going on for the best remix of the song "Burn" by Kcee, and whoever makes the best remix with the most likes and views and comments on his video reposted by Kcee wins 1 million naira!

G’Iyaz’s entry is a favorite in the competition. But he is behind one person in views and comments. That’s where Nairlanders come in. Let’s help G’Iyaz get more views and comments. Positive comments!

Yes, because I personally think G’Iyaz’s entry is better than the leading guy now. G’Iyaz deserves the price more.

Everybody on G’Iyaz’s video Kcee reposted are just begging Kcee to sign G’Iyaz. That’s how good G’Iyaz is.

Let’s help a brother out. At least if he wins this money, he will get closer to Kcee and Five star music, and then something can happen.

So what are we waiting for? Follow this link below and get on Instagram to view, like and comment on G’Iyaz’s video sharp sharp!


Lalasticlala please try get this on frontpage too. Thank you.

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