Well as an African I believe it’s disrespectful and rude to diss or called out my mom for her unhealthy attitudes but I think its high time I make it public so people who has witnessed or experience such can give to me a valuable advice.

My mom was once a successful hair dresser and she was the breadwinner of our family until she became born again, she abruptly stopped plating hair for her customers based on what she tagged "unbiblical" She basically affirmed that she’ll never touch attachments and synthetic hair again in her life and ever since then things hasn’t been going smoothly again.

My Dad now has got a Rick Ross fatlike woman as a second wife and I think the whole situations has taken its toll on my mom’s mental health, she’s literally cut herself off from the outside world and everything always mean something extra terrestrial to her.

My Mom would see a gecko on the wall and believe it was sent from hell to drag her to the underground, We always packed from one apartment to the other thanks to her intolerance toward other people. Omg! She’ll always find faults with her co tenants, everybody is either a witch or a spy from the underworld.

There’s one thing she did that convinced me she’s struggling from mental instability, we packed out from one house to a flat like apartment, do u believe my mom went back there and packed the huge rocks we used to make fire? She tagged them as her property which can never be left behind, she’ll play with u today only to become unresponsive when u greet her tomorrow, she stopped her work almost 20 years ago and ever since then has become a liability on my dad and a burden on us the children, it disgusts me to feed her with my hard earned money when she’s hale and healthy, she’s the reason my dad was unable to send me to the university because the burden is too much on him.

What I find ridiculous about her is her mindset, her mind was wired to believe we owed her a living when in reality it’s the opposite, when my dad is unable to send money she’ll become so tensed and angry, its so annoying how she find it difficult to realize she is the PROBLEM of the family.

Pls I need good advice on what kind of help we the children can seek on her behalf cos its obvious she needs help. Thanks all.