Almost everyone in Nigeria loves Kpomo meat, it is simple, cheap and easy to combine with other meats to make simple dish, kpomo is one of the cheapest meat in Nigerian, it is often added to soups and pepper soup recipes. Other easy ways of eating kpomo is to make stew with it or make a savoury peppered sauce with it. In this article, you will learn the simple to steps on how to stew your kpomo meat and also check out the video for easy explanation.

Kpomo Stew Ingredients

• 2 large pieces kpomo (cow skin)
• 6 pieces of red tomatoes
• 5 chillies pepper (shombo)
• 3 scotch bonnets peppers
• 2 stock cubes
• 1 teaspoon curry powder
• ½ teaspoon nutmeg
• 3 cloves of garlic
• S small ginger
• Salt to taste

Steps on How to make kpomo stew

1. Wash kpomo with salted water and use a knife to scrape the skin and the inner part to remove dirt.
2. Bring the kpomo into a wide pot, add seasoning to it and enough water, cook until the kpomo becomes soft.
3. Drain the kpomo from the liquid you cooked it with, leave to get cold and then cut into your preferred sizes and set aside.
4. Rinse tomatoes, chilli peppers and scotch bonnets, combine with ½ part of the onion, ginger, garlic in a blender and blend into a chunky
5. Heat a pan on stove, add a very little oil to it, fry the remaining half onion until fragrant, add the tomato mix and fry for 10 minutes until
the liquid and the sour taste reduce.
6. Season the stew with nutmeg, curry, stock cubes, salt and stir properly, cook for 3 minutes.
7. Bring the boiled kpomo into the stew and stir well to mix, leave to simmer for 5 minutes for the meat to absorb the rich flavour of the
stew. Add a handful of parsley and stir.
8. Kpomo stews is ready, serve it over steamed pasta or boiled yam.