In the words of HE Henry Seriake Dickson:

This castle was started by Chief Alamieyeseigha. Of course, as you know I was in the cabinet of Dr. Jonathan when he was governor.

We, within that short period that we were in government, didn’t think that completing the project as at that time was a priority. But when my immediate predecessor came on board, he managed to complete it.
“So he achieved the completion, including the furnishing and all that.

Now upon my ascension into office, I of course made it clear from day one that there was no way I was going to stay in this type of place. It is simply too grandiose. It is way out of format with my own personal standard,” he said.

The governor’s resolve on the matter is simple – make it a part of the state government’s tourism plan for the state. In that way, it becomes a revenue source.

Hence, the governor plans to convert the opulent structure into a six-star hotel to form an integral component of the new Tourism Island to boost tourism in the State.