I recently ended a thing with a lady and damn she didn’t take it well.

She was annoying, but I told her I was simply too busy with work and other things and she was pushing for something more serious.Truth was, i easily grow bored whenever a relationship stretches for more than a month

After I told her I had no intention of getting serious, out came the shaming tactics “You’re not a real man are you” “You’re just a fuckboy” “Don’t let your look deceive you. you can’t get anyone better than me” “Maybe I should send a guy friend to Bleep you up” “You wasted 2 months of my life” "you took advantage of me because i was vulnerable"

Now the whole time she’s saying all this, I kept thinking of the phrase women use to shame and shut down men who get aggressive over being rejected, “you’re not entitled to anybody’s love or affection”

So I decided to use it. I said “you’re not entitled to anyone’s love or affection” And she hit the roof telling me, “I can Bleep any guy I want, I can have a new guy every day if I wanted”

I gotta admit, it felt pretty damn good to use that on a chick.

Well sweetheart, why are you wasting time arguing with me? Go do that then!!

Typical woman. Feels entitled to my time but if I was being billy beta and getting Aggro about her not committing I’d get told I’m not entitled to her love and affection https://ift.tt/eA8V8J