Good evening everyone, pls i really need your advice on this issue.

I was posted to an NGO for my service year in February, they got me a house without pay. In April we had a project on HIV and AIDS and I was paid 20k. Ever since, I just go to work and sit down from morning 8am till 5pm doing nothing, I started and finished Game of Thrones from 1 to 7.

Before I was posted in camp I always dreamt of teaching in a secondary school, because that’s were my passion is and, I have an ambition of being a lecturer.

Now, I recently saw a school were I can teach for twice in a week, but my current ppa closes by 5pm, which means I only have my cds on Wednesday free to teach, I have taught twice, and I really love it and want to continue.

The problem is how do I tell my Director at my NGO that I want to leave? He has been good and nice to me and they rely on me to do a lot of clerical work in the office, but inside of me I’m not fulfilled and don’t have time for myself.

Its 6 months into my service and I’m not feeling like I’m impacting any live or my community.

I want to summit my resignation letter by the end of the month, and focus on my students especially in economics and accounting, if I leave I will also leave their accommodation, that means I will be coming twice a week from my uncle’s house which is far (N500) daily to the school.

I’ve been praying about this for a month now, and even discussed it with my mum with her giving me her blessings to leave, today my Director during a meeting said teaching profession is the best ever, I was wondering if that’s a sign, and I’m also planning on visiting my grandma in August when schools are on break, an opportunity my NGO won’t give me.

Guys, what’s ur take?
Leave or stay?