Please NL,pardon my grammatical construction due to the fact i was an engineering student as it may not meet upto standard to the level of the professors of English we have here….

There’s this lady am currently in a relationship with and Sincerely she’s really the type of girl we guys are always hoping to come across…. I have come to love her buh only for me to notice she has à tattoo on her arm…And sincerely there’s this societal perception about tattoo that speaks of Waywardness and irresponsible lifestyle….. buh on the contrary… this babe is just so different that am just confused…..I have come across girls who appear so so bad and even sleep at the club buh are still virgin while some girls who claim to be responsible and decent are upgraded and modified Oloshos….
Please help a brother, I don’t wanna make a mistake based on the general assumption on what people would say

from Nairaland