Father-to-be couldn’t contain his joy as he took to twitter to show off creative gifts he got from his pregnant fiancée on his birthday. All he wanted was just her to spend time with him but she went out of the box to create something unique and won’t be depreciated so quick.

His tweets below;

[b]So let me tell y’all about about how creative my woman is ��� A THREAD:
My birthday just passed recently and @jaylabrenae was bothering me for WEEKS prior, asking what I wanted. My answer was always "nothing" or "spend time with you" because I’m honestly a pretty content person. I don’t need much ��‍♂️.
A week before my birthday she told me that she has this idea for a gift, but she has to make it and she going to the store to buy all materials. At this point im like
I was already hype because she wanted to MAKE something. That’s a type of gift that will never deappreciate and lose vaule over time.
Anyways, my birthday, July 1, rolls around and she pull up to my crib, opens the trunk, and brings in this box wrapped in a pink blanket.
Im looking at her from my window like
She then asks for my phone and tells me to stay upstairs, while she sets everything up downstairs.
At this point I’m in the room trying to piece together what is about to happen.
She calls me back downstairs and tell me to sit on the couch next to this box wrapped in a blanket. I sit down. She’s in front of me on the floor recording whatever is about to go down.
She tells me go, and I unravel the blanket..
This is what I see. Backstory:
I am an Architect by day, Graphic Designer (hmu if you need work. Portfolio link in my bio �) by night.
I am also a big @JColeNC fan/stan whatever you wanna call it, That’s my guy.
Anndd I’m an Alpha. (s/o to @IceColdAlphas ��)
A few weeks ago I was bored at work and freaked the KOD cover for the frat �����‍♂️
I showed her what I did and she thought it so dope. Little did i know, this is what sparked the idea for my gift. She HAND DREW my graphic project and created a 3D version of my design. � So I am HYPE!
She tells me to open the box and I see a bunch of different size boxes wrapped in different colored wraoping paper with "Track 1" "Track 2" etc on each one. I flip over the box top and there is a tracklist of some songs from @JColeNC KOD album.
"Open each "track" in the order of this list" she says… Say less.
I unwrapped "Track 1: Intro"
She made a personal, handwritten card.
Stuff like this is so dope to me because for one, it’s handmade. And two, it’s her own narrative in the way that she wants me to see it. I love that.
I unwrapped "Track 9: Once an addict"
It’s a box of honeybuns ��
MY. CRACK. I have a problem when it comes to these joints. ���‍♂️ If I was on deathrow and they asked my meal of choice for the last supper?… Honeybuns. So yeah I guess I’m an addict ���‍♂️
I unwrap "Track 5: ATM"
25 singles for my 25th birthday �
This is pretty self-explanatory. "Count it up! Count it up! Count it up! Count it!"
I unwrapped "Track 6: Motiv8"
Two motivational canvas boards that she made by hand
Mark 10:9. Something that @jaylabrenae and I set our foundation on ��� and a quote that I tweeted a while back that really spoke to me regarding creativity!
I unwrapped "Track 12: 1985"
A father-son picture frame! �
She is currently 6 months pregnant and we’re expecting our first child this October, so I got really hype for this one ����
I unwrapped "Track 4: The Cut-Off"
A "Silky Nigga Du-Rag" ��
Aight, so backstory on this one. One day me and the homies @muenfua and @iGotTheJuiceN0w was listening to some YouTube instrumentals right? lol…
Justin decided to freestyle about silky durags. It was low key catchy so we made a music video about it and i sent it to Jayla �
Here’s a small clip for reference �…. FYI. Neither of us are rappers. So don’t crucify our bars ���‍♂️
And ignore the mess. I was moving �
I unwrapped "Track 10: Friends"
She finally hands back my phone and tells me to press play.
She secretly corrdinated a 3min happy birthday video with a group of some of my closest friends, all delivering they own bday messages, some of which we gotta throw hands for
Last, but not least, I unwrapped "Track 2: KOD"
Tickets to @JColeNC Detroit concert in September!! ���������
I always wanted to go to one of his shows, but something always came up and I missed it! I ain’t missing it this year! �
Anyways, this is was literally the best gift I’ve ever received on any occasion. @jaylabrenae I love you so much and appreciate the time and energy you put into everything! Lil man and I are so blessed to have you. ��[/b]

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