Let me start off by pointing fingers


Sorry, if you and/or your parents are among them. The only time our government would make a decision that would benefit the country is if it benefits them more. What they regard sport is going to the house of assembly and fight each other like fools. I have never heard about anybody raising any issue about how young aspiring youths who want to develop their career on gaming side of technology should be encouraged by setting up a committee if necessary, to organize free conferences anchored by foreign gaming industry personnels to enlighten the youths. I mean would you put a price on creating a system that could boost your economy drastically in few years?
There was a time I read that some Nigerian youths would be sponsored to Canada for game blah blah… I don’t know whether that ever happened but, even if it did I’m very sure the people who went were heavily connected. So, you see, the rich would get richer and the poor will get poorer.
One of the reasons why we get violent and do other harmful things to ourselves is because there are not much productive things to distract us from idleness.


Nigerian educational system is designed (sometimes I feel it’s intentional) to make you dependent on a job. It doesn’t prepare you to be independent. That is a problem. When I was in school I wanted to become a programmer so I decided to take computer courses very seriously. By the end of the year all I knew was definition and types of computer languages and their history. Then I realized anybody who depends on school to teach them the requisite skills needed to stand out in the world is in for a long surprising ride that would end up in a terrible accident when it must have become to late before one realizes. So I turned to YouTube and other online materials, long story short. I quitted before leaving school (I’ll get to that in a moment).
When you hear about courses like computer science, computer engineering, cyber crime etc… You’d think we have developed enough to study those things, eh? They are all theories taught me lecturers who know only theories too. When I was in 300 level, still on the process of studying Java, I met a 500 level student to put me through some stuffs and guess what, he doesn’t even know the fvck I was saying and he was a 2-1 student.
Lesson, when you go to the university be average in academics and build your entrepreneurship abilities. Trust me, it’s worth it. The other way round, not worth it at all.
ASUU, NASSU, KASSU, SSANU, whatever SU that is existing has never existed for the interest of the student but, for the interest of their pockets. That should hardly be a surprise. They’ve been going on strikes for as long as I can remember and its all because something has not been paid, not because the system needs work. Smfh… Pathetic. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that. Most of us get corrupt before we get up there (I’m coming to that)

Now on our own part

Yes, If that was what Buhari meant in his speech then he isn’t completely wrong. Some of us are fvcking lazy. For sitting in front of the TV watching other people live their lives is unbelievably sad. Is that how lonely people have become? It’s insulting and demeaning to be entertained by BB Naija, BB Africa, keeping up with the Kardashians, etc. Sorry to put it crudely.
You know that phrase "Jack of all trade master of none?" It’s a bloody lie. You can be whatever you want to be (above average in all) if you are determined. I’m a living witness and in know people who are like that too. Don’t let old people get into your head by focusing on one thing doing it and relaxing to watch other people make money.
We prefer to look for cheat codes rather than develop them, we prefer to look for hacks rather than create them we prefer to look for game walkthroughs rather than brainstorm, we prefer to become anime fans and cartoon fans and comics fans and animation fans rather than create ours. Even in RL football we don’t develop ours but, watch Barca and RM, Man U etc. Government won’t develop, we won’t encourage. See (shrug)

Before you eat me raw, I know it’s sometimes not our fault that we seem lazy it’s all because of the (1) point. So, what then should we do, sit? No, if we can’t save the country because there is no hope for a reasonable administration let’s change the country for the better in our own little way that we can.


Everybody wants to do it alone. So that when it’s gets out it would be only my name up there. That’s a problem. You meet one or two people, bring up ideas and ask to work as a team and they either pretend at first and break up later or refuse because there would be too much completion in the crew. Nobody can make it alone. Non, no not one. I believe there are good character designers, good potential game developers, and other aspects of gaming but, most of them don’t wanna be part of a crew. For fear of being outshined or robbed of ideas. Between me and you, I don’t care of my sh!t was stolen. Deep within me I know I was the one who did it and I can do it again. Big deal. Let’s learn to work together. United we stand, divided we fall. Remember that. If you develop games or do designs and animations gather people with like minds and actually DO something not discuss about doing something… Cumberbach said "… JUST DO…"
Give out tutorials for free. Even if not the whole thing at least, basic stuffs. I saw a post on Instagram about an amateur who posted his animation and is asking people to pay money to learn. I’m like wth. Like dude you’re still on the basics. We are so eager to make money and ignoring the love we should have for our brothers to help us grow as people and as a country. No Nigerian tutor does it for free. Na so we like money reach? Do it for free as time goes on and you have helped many people who couldn’t help themselves, you then put a prize on it. If you’re dedicated to doing your craft well, you won’t need to sell tutorials to survive.


Electricity, and development in general. This still depends on whether or not our government receive sense, so I’m not gonna say more on this


When I say third parties I mean telecommunications companies, online shopping sites etc.
There is a body (I had to Google it to even remember) NCC. Can somebody tell me what the hell they do apart from placing fines on MTN? It’s unfortunate that we have to stay awake overnight to use cheaper data ffs. I set alarm every 12 o, clock so I could use MTN’s 500mb for 25 naira abeg. Data is more expensive than food. 2000 naira for a crappy, bandwidth-capped-poor-receptioned 2.5gig and we are all smiling as if everything is fine.
Data is hyper expensive in naija, that’s not a story anymore and that I’d depriving youths from getting easier access to online gameplay, watching tutorials ton improve themselves in gaming development in general. So, that’s a problem. Forget the porn watchers make dem enjoy let people who wanna help their lives through that do it with lesser effort than how it is, right now.

Our online stores again… I don’t think there’s a body governing that even if there was they’ll probably bribe their way out. They allow people to sell whatever nonsense they feel like online. Fake games, fake computers, fake consoles, fake gpus, fake everything and the platforms don’t care about the integrity of the country and so they just let it slide. And the people in the government are too outdated to know what’s going on.

As a fellow brother who don’t know what the hell to do about all these setbacks. Let’s bring our heads together and create something independent of this messed up system. Use your time productively.
Do what I do. When there is light use it do create something. When there’s no light, I sketch, when I get tired I do voice training, when I get tired I read, when I get tired I think, when I get tired I walk around a little to clear my head, when I come back I play game, only come to social medias once every hour to see notifications, respond etc. And then log off. I’m planning to extend it to 2 hours/notification check. Never remain idle.
Spend less time on your devices depressing yourselves with other people’s wealth, responding to insults, looking at stories that don’t concern you but, just for gossip sakes. Use your devices to do something productive and game related researches wink

Please, I beg, biko, jor, Don Allah, let’s create a very good game in 5 years time. NOT AN ANDROID GAME O. Don’t worry about the money. Money was instituted to separate the rich from the poor. The only thing we’d need money for would be to pay an artist or a programmer or a modeller, etc… Since we have all available let’s just do it.

PS: ignore any error and just focus on the message. It’s hard typing on a phone for so long.

Lucem Ferre
Signing off

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