From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

The National Coordinator of the Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has tasked the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure it closes the ranks between the youths and its presidential candidate, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Comrade Alawuje noted that the gap between the Nigerian youths and political happenings in the ruling party is rather too wide.

He called for a serious campaign that will bring the youths closer to the mission and vision of Tinubu ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

In a statement on Friday, DOJ Coordinator said Tinubu had empowered thousands of youths for over 30 years, making it imperative to bridge the gap between the APC presidential candidate and the youths to prevent saboteurs from taking advantage of the situation.

“It has been observed that the gap between the Nigerian youths and true political happenings is rather too wide, and DOJ is hereby calling for a serious campaign that will bring the youths closer to the mission and vision of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“As it is known, no nation can survive without its vibrant and positive minded youths. Tinubu loves the youths and he has assisted thousands of them to greater heights by providing them leverage. He brought up many youths who have today become world class politicians.

“They cut across Nigeria’s geo-political zones; ranging from vice-president, governors, lawmakers, ministers and a host of others.

“Most of Tinubu’s establishments are sited in Nigeria with thousands of youths working in them. Hence, bridging this gap in no time will solve a lot of problem. A stitch in time saves nine.

“It is time the Nigerian youths started having positive impacts in the affairs of this country, and Tinubu has the capacity to ensure that it happens, given his antecedents.

“DOJ as a rescue team of the Nigerian masses and by extension, the youths, is prepared to assist in this cause. We are therefore calling on the APC and other Progressive groups to join forces with us to achieve this.

“Consequently, the DOJ will be launching “Operation Bring the Youths Closer”. We must not allow those who have been indicted in corruption issues as Panana Papers; those who sold Nigeria asset to themselves and their cronies, and those who diverted and put the resources of their state in family business to mislead our youths with twisted and misleading statistics.

“The future of our youths is sacrosanct and they must be guided with the ability to conquer and reject the enemies of the nation – who only divide us as they pander to primordial sentiments.

“Nigeria has come of age and we must behave like developed countries where competence, capacity and capability are given the pride of place.

“If the United States of America could be ruled by a black man, Barack Obama, not minding his African background, Nigerian youths must also take a break from the inglorious past, where religion, tribalism and ethnicity take the front burner.

“If US is our model, we must vote for what people have upstairs, what they have to offer, not minding their age, religion or tribe.

“We must stop wasting natural skills and resources of our youths. Nigerian youths are naturally brilliant, skillful and gifted. We need an experienced elder who will maximise the resources and potentials of our youths.

“It is a known fact that Asiwaju Tinubu is a catalyst and a renown politician of note that no one can push around. He may not be perfect, but he is a builder of many youths, a transformer of hamlets and villages and a transformational leader with a verifiable track record.

“Our principal Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu believes that the best infrastructure/resource is human resource that is needed for development and growth.

“Our love for Tinubu is not for material, religion or tribe but for his track record. If we all put our bias aside, we will all agree that Tinubu is the best among all the contestants.

“Enough is enough. Let our youths vote for who can deliver and liberate them from poverty and hopelessness rather than fake individuals that will lead them to no where”. The statement said.

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