From Desmond Mgboh, Kano


A group of Northern youth under the auspice of Jonathan Support Organization, has issued a seven-day ultimatum to former President Goodluck Jonathan, tasking him to declare for 2023 presidential elections.

The youth issued the ultimatum, Saturday, at the end of a successful political rally inside Kano metropolitan area.

Speaking to the media afterwards, the Coordinator of the Support Organization, Mubashir Tafida insisted that Jonathan must declare within the next seven days or two million youths would storm his office and force him to contest.

He argued that Nigeria was in a sorry state and required an experienced land extraordinary eader like Jonathan to fix the damage.

He said the economy was in a very bad taste just as hunger and poverty has become the order of the day noting that Jonathan could overcome these problems as he did during his first tenure as president.

“When he was President, there was no hunger and poverty. Our destiny lay in his hands. He is our father, and as children, we appeal to him to contest for the election in order to save us from the present hardship in Nigeria.

“He is our father and he has to listen to the vioce of his children. We want him to come out to declare in order to stop the blood letting in this country,” said Tafida.

The Coordinator also stated that they do not care under which political party Jonathan would run for the Presidency.adding that they were okay with whichever party he runs under,” he declared.

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