From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The progressive students Movement (PSM) Nigeria, in Abuja yesterday protested on what they described as injustice on Olujobi Ezekiel Fayoyin by the Ogun State, New Nigerian People Party (NNPP).

According to the President of the group,Okereafor Bestman, Mr Olujobi Ezekiel Fayoyin is known to be the party gubernatorial candidate in the State but later substituted with another name.

Okereafor called on leadership of the party to do the needful as the forth coming general elections won’t be business as usual, adding that the youth would be the major determinants.

“We are in Abuja today basically to register solidarity with one of us, Olujobi Ezikiel Fayoyi ,a 35 years old who was short changed by the New Nigerian people Party (NNPP) in Ogun State.He was supposed to be the gubernatorial candidate but was short changed by an older person .

“We as progressive inclined persons, Nigerian youth felt is injustice on our part and not from a New Nigerian peoples party which is claiming to be the lovers of Nigerian and we thought the party would have done well by considering this young person so as for us to know our capacity in 2023. This election would not be business as usual, because Nigerian youth would be the major determinants.

“We saw on media and lots of his consultation from one place to another as the gubernatorial in Ogun State and which the party Secretariat recognize him in Ogun State, but only for us to see it on media that his name had been replaced in INEC by someone else. And we suspected a fowl play at their national Secretariat and we believed the national Secretariat would do well by retracing their steps in the best interest of Nigerian youth.


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