September 26, 2021


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2023: Ugwuanyi and PDP’s zoning committee

By  Charly Udeh


In a bid to reposition and strengthen the major opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) ahead of 2023 general elections, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party recently set up various committees which include Committee on Zoning.

Found worthy and fit to chair the strategic and important Zoning Committee of the party is the Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

The choice of Ugwuanyi for this onerous, herculean and all-important task for the party is perfectly made and not surprising. His political trajectory and antecedents in the politics, government and PDP speak volume of his personality and qualities.  Since his foray into politics, Ugwuanyi has remained a dedicated PDP member and leader that carries everybody along in all his engagements.

Since joining the PDP in 1999, Ugwuanyi fully embedded himself in the party, such that one can safely say that Ugwuanyi is PDP and PDP is Ugwuanyi. His commitment and loyalty to the PDP that brought him to limelight politically is unwavering and unquestionable. He has practiced, confessed and held to it strongly, even in the face of current defection fever among his colleagues ahead of 2023 election.

  Ugwuanyi has been governing Enugu state well since he came into office in 2015 in the face of daunting challenges. That is why his government had enjoyed and still enjoys the support of the overwhelming majority of Enugu people, including members of the opposition parties, that see him as a father of all in the state.

   There should be no doubt or fear whether Ugwuanyi will deliver on the new and critical assignment given to him by PDP. He will deliver. He has the political sagacity, temperament, humility and tact to succeed in the assignment. He has always shown capacity and depth in managing and handling challenges arising from governance and party politics in his state.

    So the Zoning Committee job being superintended by Ugwuanyi will not be different. What is required of the PDP leaders and members especially the Governors is to be sacrificial, cooperative and supportive of Ugwuanyi’s Committee in the discharge of their assignment. This is because of the fact that Ugwuanyi’s Committee cannot achieve anything in isolation and without the impregnable and sincere support of the party leaders and members, especially the governors that are major stakeholders in the party.

Sentiment or political ambitions apart, what should be of utmost concern and worry  to genuine and committed PDP leaders and members ahead of 2023 general elections is how the party can regain power at the centre. This should be the major focus and agenda of the party leaders and members. PDP needs to regain power. It is achievable and possible, looking at the abysmal performance of the All Progressives Congress led- Federal Government since 2015.

The political miscalculation and sentiment that led to PDP’s loss of the presidency in 2015 must be avoided like a plague this time. Everything as it concerns zoning must be put on the table, discussed and agreed on by the party leaders. Such gentleman agreement must be binding and respected by the party leaders, whenever the need arises.

There should be no room or basis for any party leader or group to renege on such agreement when it matters most. PDP leaders must be conscious of the fact that politics is a serious business and reality game. It is a game of numbers and influence.

Ugwuanyi’s Committee deserves the support and prayer of every party leader and member. This is because the outcome of the Zoning Committee work and its effective implementation will determine the success or failure of PDP in 2023 especially as it concerns the presidency.


Udeh writes from Ogui Road,


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