Have you ever met Governor Ifeanyi Okowa behind closed doors or in quieter ambience? Any inter -personal contact with him,without choreographed protocol or stiff bureaucracy?

An encounter with the Delta state governor could be a mixed grill of relaxed rendezvous and bohemian banters.

His stereotyped image by public perception is prim and proper,moderate and restrained. But the Okowa you don’t know comes simpler than you would ever imagine- warm,chatty and robustly receptive.

But there is a profound meaning to an Okowa liaison; a man deeply conscious of his convictions,yet so free and forbearing in exchange of opinions and perspectives.

It becomes easy to decipher his preference as Vice Presidential candidate.The People’s Democratic Party,PDP, Presidential flag-bearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubarka, in unveiling Okowa on June ,16, 2022, had captured his quintessential stead with the telling label “ President-in -waiting”.

A deputy ,according to Abubakar, who has the capacity to stand by his side and provide Nigerians with “security,revive our economy, improve education and unite our country”

Okowa he announced “personifies not only the seriousness the current moment represents for our country but also the future that our young people yearn for and deserve”.

For a nation, entrapped, overwhelmed and static,elixir for escape and survival lies between character and competence.Okowa possesses the best qualification of leadership- discipline. Atiku ,the key requirement of a commander -in – chief and sovereign patriarch- charisma.

The duo have what it takes to inspire national confidence and throttle Nigeria away from her socio-economic difficulties.

In Delta state, Okowa’s foot-prints are admired from all quarters.Whether by social infrastructure, human empowerment and social behaviour as governor, his track record is emblematic of success,sanity and general acclamation.Like every mortal, he has traducers but his tale is palatable to the majority in the multi -ethnic state, where he has ensured a legacy of history, service and integrity.

Rising as the first elected Delta governor of Anioma origin to the first Vice -presidential candidate from one of Nigeria’s most important states and second in Niger -Delta,regarded as the economic jewel of Africa’s most populous nation, Okowa is best suited to work with Atiku.

He is the Vice -President Nigeria needs.He is highly educated and exposed.His knowledge and civility would help to unite a nation ,so diminished and divided. Neither his speech nor body language, incenses ethnic,sectarian or partisan cleavages. A well-groomed medical doctor who tames his temper and tongue.

Even as an opposition governor to the centre, the ruling authorities at Abuja hold him in awe,because he speaks truth to power with patriotic resonance,devoid of divisive subterfuge and governs with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

For Atiku,he boldly represents Nigeria’s tall dream deferred.The renaissance man who guarantees national unity, peace and progress, brotherhood and oneness , enterprise, duty and excellence.

He knows Nigeria and Nigerians know him. A broad- minded and liberal national figure. A veteran of politics beyond tribal cocoon.A thorough breed, bedecked differently from transient bandwagon of showmanship.

A fine gentleman as fit as fiddle.A President who would have the physical, mental, psychological and emotional latitude to lead a nation in search of a strong leader. A standard bearer who firmly holds the flag,because he believes it is the right of Nigerians to have good governance not the desperate turn of self – gratification.

An Atiku who stands to articulate and action a new Nigeria ,where power would end insecurity, bad economy,ASUU strike,widespread unemployment, tribal mistrust, religious intolerance and other national woes.

With the clout of Atiku and composure of Okowa, democracy would be better served for the good of all Nigerians, East- West, North -South.The pair stands profitable to our aggregate interests, even in the imperfections of our democratic experience. A tidy umbrella ticket with a unifying national canopy.

The presidential candidate and his deputy ,symbolise a bright day, dawning to extinguish the raging fire of evil, threatening the land.The men, agile with age and adroit in service are coming for the poisonous adder sweeping the nation. Soon the monster of destruction,fear and hopelessness would be cut down.

Uhuru is coming. Circumstances of history and the mood of country,favour the enthronement of Turaki Adamawa and Delta’s Ekwueme ( promise keeper) ,come 2023. Nigerians know better,wiser… Atiku /Okowa presidency would rescue Nigeria.

CHIAZOR, is Executive Assistant (Media) to Governor Okowa.

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