73 birthday garlands to a man of distinction!

Dr. Jackson Gaius Obaseki, born on the 25th of November, 1945, is described by many as a man in whom there is no guile.

He is a Scion of the illustrious Obaseki Ogbeide-Oyo family of Benin Kingdom. Fully cognizant of his rich heritage, he has strived to walk in the footsteps of his giant forbears, his father, Chief Gaius Ikuobase Obaseki having being the Iyase (Prime Minister) of Benin, 1948 to 1956 and knighted Commander of the British Empire, (CBE). This was a rare achievement for a non hereditary title based purely on merit considering that his grandfather, the great Chief Agho Obaseki was also Iyase of Benin, 1914-1920.

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His resumé ranks in the annals of Who is Who not only in Nigeria but also in the world at large. Currently Chairman of Brass LNG, a multibillion dollar gas project, he was also Chairman, NLNG during which period, the Company recorded unprecedented growth which is yet to be equalled by successive administrations.

As Group Managing Director, GMD, NNPC, he re-engineered the corporation to become what is today called the new NNPC, the biggest State run enterprise in Africa in the ranks of Petrobras of Brazil and Aramco of Saudi Arabia. To his credit, NNPC attained lofty heights under his leadership, one of the highlights being the introduction of NNPC Mega stations across the country to solve perennial problems of fuel shortage as long term strategy. It has worked.

The unique design of the Mega Stations was a forerunner of the well designed and functional petrol stations we see dotted around Nigeria today. A recipient of national and international honors, he is a keen golfer, and a man whom, despite vast responsibilities which span both local and international concerns, still finds time to listen to and attend to the minutiae of family issues. His love for family is exemplified in his firm belief of the family as the primary unit of engagement with the outside world and this makes him a uniter and a mentor to many.

These attributes make him beloved by both young and old and this is why, we members of the wider Obaseki family, direct beneficiaries of his benevolence, on behalf of countless others whose lives he has impacted, count him worthy of honor. He epitomizes the old saying: To whom much is given, much is expected. In word and deed, he has discharged himself with equity, with honor and with integrity wrapped in contentment.

The family salutes you. Benin Kingdom salutes you. Nigeria salutes you. Domo sir. Tughator. Oba gha to kpere!! Iseè.

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Engr Owen Chamberlain Obaseki JP, CEO Chowen Oil & Gas Co Ltd


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