8 Common Academic Related Slangs In Nigerian Universities

The use of slang among Nigerian students is so popular that some of these slang terms have become mainstream and have also evolved to what we can regard as Nigerian English.

There are one hundred and one million slangs in Nigerian universities campuses as the use of these slang terms differ from one campus to the other.

Undergraduates usually unconsciously punctuate their expressions with slangs. The prominence of these slang terms show that Nigerian students can hardly do without using these campus lingo.

Apart from the commonly used slang terms like Okada, Aristo and hammer which have become very popular on the street, the most commonly used slangs among Nigerian students which form the greater part of their daily conversations are those which have to do with academics.

Here are 10 academic related slangs in Nigerian universities.

1 Efico/Scholar:
An Efico is a very brilliant student who in another school regard as a scholar. In Lagos State University and the University of Lagos, campus scholars are those students with a very strong Grade Point Average. But generally, an efico is an undergraduate scholar in the university.

2. Tsunami:
This slang denotes mass failure or expulsion in other schools.

3. Iwe Factoria:
Literally, this slang is a metaphor for students who love to use the school library. Instead of calling them bookworms, they call them Iwe factoria. Iwe is a Yoruba name for books while factory denotes that the student is so loaded that his or her knowledge base is compared with a factory that manufacture books.

This slang is an exaggerated statement which suggests that a brilliant student is a book factory.

4. Dub:
Dubbing is a form of malpractice that involves copying another student’s test answers word for word.

5. Shotgun:
This is a slang for an unexpected test.

6. Jack/Jacko :
To jack is to read while Jacko is a slang for a student who reads a lot. It is a synonym for Iwe factoria.

7. Department of EFCC:
This refers to faculties or departments where students grades start from C, D, E and F. This slang is commonly used in Obafemi Awolowo University where certain departments like English and Geology hardly produce first-class students.

8. Chips:
Chips is a slang that is closely related to examination malpractice. It is a code name for a small piece of paper on which likely answers to exam questions is scribbled to take into the exam halls to cheat.

Nigerian students are very good at coining slangs and the usage differ from one campus to another. In case we leave out any you know, tell us the popular slangs in your school in the comment


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