October 16, 2021


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Abuja street where men ‘boost their libido’ with Arabian tea

By Chioma Okezie-Okeh

It was an official trip to Abuja and the plan was for the reporter to visit a relaxation spot with some friends, after the day’s activities, for some barbequed fish and to share some drinks. On getting to the recommended spot located at Gambiya street in Area 11, Abuja, Fatima the sales girl in one of the restaurants approached the group as soon as she noticed one of her regular customers.

Kuna son naku na yau da kullun (Do you want your usual) sir,” she said, beaming with smiles.

You wan kill me for this Abuja? Abeg, I came to eat fish with my friends today,” Ahmed, who was hosting the reporter, shouted, smiling, his face a picture of mock alarm.

Noticing the curiosity on the reporter’s face, Ahmed faced her. “Arabian special tea, that’s what she was referring to,” he explained. It is the major unique selling point of this area. A lot of persons, especially men, come here to drink tea every day because of the medicinal value. Most importantly, it is believed that the tea helps to increase libido in men. It is tested and trusted. You wonder how I manage my two wives who are both living with me? Now you have the answer.” Ahmed said, releasing a boisterous guffaw.

When asked about the contents of the tea, Fatima claimed ignorance, insisting she did not know the ingredients used in making the tea.

“I was employed here about five years ago and I do not know the contents,” she informed. “Our boss, Alhaji Mohammed normally brings the tea to us and our job is just to prepare it for the customers. He is an importer who travels to Saudi Arabia up to four times in a year. His own is original; just wait till 7.30pm. that is when you will see all kinds of big men with big cars. They come with big flasks to buy the tea, especially the one we call the Double Double.   

Even that one, I do not know what is inside it. It is N1700 but people buy it a lot, especially men. The regular jug is N1000 and the small one is N700.”  

The relaxation spot located at the popular Gimbiya Street has more than 15 restaurants and drinking bars on the stretch. It has restaurants that offer Nigerian and intercontinental dishes, barbeque and the special Arabian tea sellers who occupy the largest space. There are trees to provide shelter while seating arrangements are readily available for the customers. During the rainy season, removable canopies are erected to protect the customer from the rain. The entire area is also a no-alcohol zone.

A regular jug of the special Arabian tea goes for 1000 while the small cup is sold for N700. In case you are interested in the one believed to boost and enhance the libido, then simply ask them for the tea known as Double-Double.

No matter the food bought by the clients at the relaxation spot, the reporter observed that nearly all the tables had a jug of the Arabian tea on them.

“This is the main reason why people come to this area to relax,” said Sunday who recently moved over to Abuja. He confessed that he was seriously scared that he might succumb to temptations of the flesh and commit adultery because of the effectiveness of the tea.

“My friends brought me here to drink the regular one, which I am told is medicinal. In fact, I heard that no one who takes this tea will contact COVID-19. You can see the crowd here. That is the only reason they are here; to drink the Arabian tea.

“It was while we were at it that my friend ordered the one that they call Double-Double. He pleaded with me not to take it but as an adventurous person, I did. My sister, it was God who calmed me down that very day. I was almost tempted to pick a prostitute that very day. I am drinking it today because madam is around,” he said beaming with smiles as he gulped his tea.

An elderly woman who spoke with Saturday Sun claimed that she was yet to decode the content of the tea. “I have been visiting this place for the past six years since I relocated here from the UK. I can’t tell what is inside it but all I know is that it has helped my blood pressure which was very bad. The tea is good and at the age of 72, I feel light and healthier.”

Laughing sarcastically, she refused to believe the part about the tea helping to boost the male libido. “A man whose manhood has packed up cannot get help here. The only thing is that this tea breaks down all kinds of unwanted particles, especially sugar which is responsible for the increase in erectile dysfunction in men. So naturally a real man should start functioning after constantly taking the tea.

“I wish these pharmaceutical companies will come and pick this tea and study the content. I am bold to stay that the reason why I have not contracted COVID-19 is because of this tea. The only ingredient that I can identify is the lemon and cinnamon.”

A couple also seating close by could not hold back the urge to speak. Husband and wife joined the conversation insisting that it was true. The wife who was addressed as Ife by her husband chipped in that she decided to follow her husband to ensure that he got home straight.

“Even as a woman, it is not advisable to take it if you don’t have a ready partner. It is highly effective. I am a nurse and I don’t believe all these herbal medicines but this one is completely different. All these Abuja girls are desperate and can do all kinds of things to snatch your man.”

Alhaji Sani, one of the owners of the Arabian tea shop, while checking on his customer, Ahmed said that the tea was not only for libido, but that it worked mainly to clear the body of junk.

“If you buy from me, I can assure you that our tea is not mixed. We import our products from Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Desperate to make outrageous gains, a lot of our people who are into this line of business have started adulterating the product. This is one of the reasons why people flood this place at night, because we have a way of controlling the content. We have a name to protect.

“We have saved a lot of marriages. Most men don’t feel confident to visit a doctor when they have issues. Our tea will clean the body very well. Wallahi, if you have plenty wives, this tea will keep you fit for the work ahead,” he said and walked back, ordering his sales girl to give a complimentary jug to Ahmed who he described as a regular customer.  

By 8pm, the entire place was filled with people, even as the number of young ladies seating in groups was steadily increasing. Exotic cars lined up, even as security personnel comprising policemen and soldiers patrolling the area.

“Most of the girls are here to hustle. Naturally when you take such drugs, you might need help. Some men come to Abuja to work alone. These women are aware of that; that is why they come here pretending that they came to eat and drink tea” Ahmed said.  

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