By Billy Graham Abel, Yola

Adamawa Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe has expressed concern over communities of Bodeno in Bibini District and Doma in Ganakise, all in Guyuk Local Government Area, of Adamawa State, that have been overtaken by flood water, leading to the death of five victims and loss of farmlands, and properties worth millions of naira.

Binos explains that communities in Imburu and other adjoining towns in Numan local governments have also been adversely affected by the raging floods. He laments that these communities are in distress and in dire need of help and assistance and unless something is done urgently, the situation may lead to a grave humanitarian crisis.

Binos made the remarks while I’m an on-the-spot assessment of the extent of damage caused by the raging waters, over the weekend, in Guyuk local government of Adamawa State.

Binos who was represented by his campaign Director General, Katawan Boniface, said, “These people have lost their homes, livelihood, farmland and might not harvest anything at the end of the farming season.

“I have reliably gathered that as a result of the heavy floods, the bridge connecting the border towns of Bodeno and Doma, which are towns bordering southern Adamawa’ to Borno state have been completely broken and submerged by flood and that residents who have been displaced while trying to relocate to safer grounds had a boat mishap which led to the loss of five lives.”

Adamawa senator raises alarm as 5 die in flood, local communities submerged

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Boniface explained further that, this body of water has covered their farmlands for more than a month and a half, which means whatever has been planted is now going, their only option now probably is to explore dry season farming.

“Most of them sleep outside because they have nowhere to go. This is an alarming humanitarian crisis. My constituents here in Adamawa share farmlands, and markets with neighbouring towns in Borno state.

“I want the government to quickly come to the aid of our people and provide us with food, clothing, and shelter and reconstruct the broken bridge so that they can feel the presence of government.”

Speaking with Daily Sun, the village heads of Bodeno and Doma laud the efforts of Sen. Binos for identifying for visiting them to see their plight and extend their cries to the federal government and governments at all levels.

The village head of Bodeno, Sanusi Damba told Daily Sun that the community of Bodeno is in distress and unless something is done urgently those who survived the flood might be killed by the outbreaks of illnesses or diseases and the impending hunger as a result of the raging flood. Sanusi Damba said, “We have never seen or encountered anything like this before. Approaching the bridge, you will notice about 60 to 70 Rescue canoes that have been deployed by our community members to rescue and transport stranded locals trying to cross over to and fro Borno from Adamawa state.
These people from this side of Adamawa share common natural resources for livelihood like the Bargu market which has been completely overtaken by flood. It used to require just N150 to go over there but now locals have to spend about N800 to go over there.”

Speaking on the incident, the village head of Doma, Aminu Badamasi said, the people of his community have lost hope as a result of the distress they are in caused by the flooding that has covered their farmlands.

Badamasi said, “We are calling on Gov. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and our Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe to speak to the relevant authorities to come to our aid. “If you look at the bank of that river we share in common with Borno state, there are no more farming activities going on. Canoes have now become our only mode of transportation. We cannot go to the market or move freely to the other side of town because of the difficulty caused by the flood.

“Our people are desperate, this flood has settled on our farmlands for over a month and a half month, so we are not expecting any kind of harvest this year. Our only hope now is to wait for the rains to recede and for the season to end so that we can prepare for the dry season farming.

“If we can be assisted for the dry season farming, even if we would get loans of funds or dry season farm implements, it would go a long way in saving our lives and that of our family.”

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