September 24, 2021


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Anambra 2021: Don’t vote for candidate with bad character – Daddy Hezekiah

From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

The Founder and Leader of Living Christ Mission Worldwide, Most Reverend Prof Daddy Hezekiah, has urged the members of his congregation and people of Anambra State not to vote for a drunkard, a pretender or anybody with bad character in the November 6 governorship election.

Hezekiah said that Anambra deserves a governor who loves the state, who would repair deplorable roads in the state.

The cleric, who gave the advise at his temple in Onitsha during the Mother’s Day celebration of the church, warned against thuggery and rigging in the election, urging church members not sell their consciences but vote for the right candidate.

‘I would want a governor that will remember the Anambrans, the governor who loves this state very well, a governor who believes that he or she is an Igbo person, a governor who loves the masses.

“I would not like to vote for a person that loves money as a governor and once you loves money, you will believe in settlement. So, I will want governor that is humble, kind-hearted, a governor who doesn’t love money to rebuild the bad roads in Anambra State.

‘The governor who create employment for the masses. A governor who says he will provide pipe borne water and he will do that, a governor that rebuild the general hospitals, if the general hospitals are in order people will not go to private hospitals where they pay from the nose. A governor who put the citizens of Anambra State first before his personal interest.

‘My advise for the masses especially for the youths, don’t allow yourselves to be used as thugs or touts who they use to kill when given N5,000. The youths should do the right thing. Don’t support any politician that will encourage you to kill someone, don’t follow any politician that will like to use you to cause confusion.

‘My advise for the masses, don’t sell your conscience, don’t be carried away by the empty promises to build bridge where there is no river. Vote for a candidate that who love mankind. I have been in Anambra State for many years and we know who is who, not everybody will be qualified to be governor.

‘Don’t vote for a drunker, don’t vote for a pretender or anybody with bad character. Some of these governorship candidate, you know them, they are in public domain, you see them everybody, they live with you in the town.

‘So, we should open our eyes and vote for right person who will provide dividend of democracy, a governor that will work hard to reduce crime, don’t engage in rigging, Federal Government should found a away of conducting the elections one day to avoid thugs clustering in a state when the election is scattered as it were in the state.

‘I believe in free and fair election. If you see something wrong you should report. I don’t know why people are being killed during election, we should take precaution and protect the lives of citizens,’ Hezekiah stated.

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