From David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

The administration of Anambra Governor Charles Soludo has been commended for outstanding achievements in security.

In a statement through his Press Secretary, Mr Christian Aburime, the governor said before he was sworn in as Governor, Anambra State was almost in a state of war, adding that there was hardly any week without a report of innocent Anambra residents being mowed down by the marauding killers.

He noted that kidnapping, killings, stealing, and ransom-taking were the order of the day as fear and uncertainty reigned supreme in the land.

“While these hoodlums thought they were smart, Soludo obviously was smarter and a step ahead. The security architecture he put in place unnerved the hoodlums.

“Today, the narratives have changed drastically. The senatorial zone that was in the grip of these killer gangs has been restored to normalcy. The fifteen camps established by the gangs to terrorise the Anambra people have been effectively neutralised by security agents.

“Governor Soludo boldly took the battle to their camp and the heat has been on them ever since.

“Aside from a few isolated cases of attack, Anambra State has remained relatively safer under the government of Prof. Soludo. Anambra residents are happy and full of praise for Charlie-nwangbafor.

“Just a few days ago four members of the gang of these hoodlums in a dare-devil operation met their waterloo at Afor-Uzo Junction, Isuofia where they were immediately despatched to the great beyond by gallant security agents.

“The pictures that went viral were a clear message by Soludo’s government of the readiness of the administration to deal ruthlessly with these hoodlums terrorising the people.

The good news is that Governor Soludo has restored full confidence in the people. Anambra people now move around freely and sleep with their two eyes closed. Investors and development partners are looking towards Anambra State. The State is taking back its pride as the “Light of the Nation”.

“Soludo is working! Anambra is moving forward! The people are happy,” the statement read.

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