Apapa gridlock: Residents threaten court action against FG

By Oluwole Farotimi

apapa Residents Association has threatened to institute legal action against the Federal Government over continuous blockade of roads and bridges by containerised trucks and fuel tankers if a lasting solution is not immediately found to the menace of the tankers.

The residents, led by the Chairman, General Sola Ayo Vaughan, who spoke at the protest ground in Apapa, yesterday,  also petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari, and said they have become increasingly frustrated over the traffic snarl as entreaties made to the federal government, over the issue, have fallen on deaf ears.   

He said: “We are in pains. We are going to embark on series of protests. This will be one of the series of protest after which we meet in court. The option of going to court is in progress.

“For over 10 years, our lives have been made miserable by the wicked and mindless activities of the containerised trucks and fuel tankers that are held up on the bridges due to the National Port Authority’s inability to manage the port business. The only thriving business in Apapa, in the last 10 years, has been the shipping companies, the tank farms and their haulage business, because, as it stands, NPA allowed it, perhaps, due to some monetary gain that must not  be stopped by any means.

“Those of us living in Apapa are thoroughly frustrated and every other business has been ruined by these two businesses, shipping, tank farms owner and their haulage businesses.

“Over 1,000 businesses have either been ruined or relocated out of Apapa and over 50, 000 jobs have been lost in the process. All businesses have all gone underground due to the failure of NPA and the Federal Government, he said

General Vaughan said they are demanding “that all the trucks and fuel tankers leave the bridges and all the access roads into Apapa, immediately. If the situation remains after 21 days, we shall sue NPA and all the shipping companies and name all the owners of these companies who do not live in Apapa but are responsible for the destruction.”

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