Are your hands stained with blood?

The most annoying thing is how these women go to church on Sundays, struggle to sit in the front row, lift up hands in worship and still cover up rape

Kate Halim

I am an angry woman. I am angry with some married women in Nigeria. I am angry with women who know that their husbands are rapists and pedophiles and still cover up for them.

I am angry with women who keep changing house helps like wrappers to satisfy their irresponsible husbands’ animalistic urges. I am angry with women who pretend they don’t know what their husbands are doing to innocent girls under their roofs.

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I am angry with women who know their husbands are sexually molesting the underage girls under their care and all they are interested in is keeping their silly marriages. I can’t stand women who do nothing to protect the little girls in their homes.

As a woman, if you cannot protect a child under your care from your community penis husband, you are a wicked soul. In fact, you are evil. You are his accomplice and deserve to be jailed along with him. It takes an evil woman to look the other way when such evil is happening in her home.

The most annoying thing is how these women go to church on Sundays, struggle to sit in the front row, lift up hands in worship, dance to melodious praise songs, speak in different religious slangs and still cover up rape and sexual assault because their husbands are involved.

I mean, how do these women sleep at night with so much wickedness crying against them everyday? How do you look at your children and pray that it will be well with them while you are destroying the lives of other people’s children in your care? Do you think your children will go unpunished?

I heard the story of a woman whose husband is only useful when it comes to sexually molesting the underage girls she brings home to assist her with house chores. She knows that her husband is a he-goat yet she keeps bringing preys home for him to continuously devour.

For years, this community penis husband kept raping the little girls in his care with the knowledge of his wife until the bubble burst. After sending one of the house helps home, his wife brought another one who exposed their evil ways eventually.

The new girl who was 13 years-old at the time also became a victim of Mr. Husband’s roving and restless penis. He started raping this new girl like he used to do in the past until she became pregnant. This shameless man continued taking advantage of this little girl for over a year until she became pregnant.

When Mrs. I-Must-Remain-Married discovered her underage house help was pregnant by her husband, she started cursing the girl for trying to destroy her marriage. After madam scolded the girl, she went inside to commune with her dog, sorry husband.

These two devilish human beings who don’t care about how they are destroying the lives of little girls decided to take her for an abortion. What they didn’t know was that the girl overheard their conversation, and she escaped. She went to one of her teacher’s house who lived nearby and told her what her uncle had been doing to her.

Angry, the woman took her to the police station to report the case. When the police arrived at the house, the girl’s aunty claimed she was lying and trying to destroy her marriage. In the same manner, the shameless man insisted that he was innocent and that the girl was trying to set him up.

At the end of the day, the girl had a safe abortion and was sent back to her poor mother in the village. But this woman and her husband spent a huge amount of money to keep the case under wraps so that people won’t know the kind of evil they perpetrate. It is funny that this woman and her husband still think they will go unpunished for turning the lives of innocent girls into nightmares.

Look around you, these women are everywhere. They are on social media platforms advising other women who are married to irresponsible men like their husbands to send girls who have been raped back to the village before they become their co wives or snatch their husbands.

These women are quick to blame children for getting raped by their husbands. They are quick to claim that the girls are corrupt and are seducing their innocent husbands who can’t control themselves whenever they see young girls who they are supposed to love and protect as guardians.

It is annoying that these adult males are the victims and the girls they are raping are their hunters. It is heartbreaking that the men who should know better as adults are spared and absolved of blame while the girls are the ones being called names and shamed when these men rape them and take advantage of their young bodies sexually.

I have a message for these women who cover up the atrocities of their husbands. You people will be disgraced soon. You won’t be able to hide from the shame when your crimes catch up with him. You won’t be spared the public ridicule and shame. The lives of the girls you and your husbands have destroyed will come back to haunt you all.

I am telling you heartless witches that keep recruiting young girls for your husbands to use as sex slaves; it won’t be well with you. You bring little girls home and he rapes them, get some pregnant, and you help in the abortions, you will get your reward.

You and your fellow witches gather in groups claiming these wild girls are seducing your husbands. You say they want to destroy your marriage instead of facing your husbands who rape these girls. You send them back to their families damaged and broken and recruit fresh ones. God is watching all of you.

All of you who believe marriage must be kept at all cost, you are mad. You do this evil, because in your mind, you say at least, he will use the one at home to satisfy his sexual urges instead of the ones outside that might want to become his second wife. You hide under religion to perpetuate evil all in the name of keeping your homes.

You evil women should continue keeping your homes at the expense of little girl’s lives and innocence. Judgment day is coming for you and your rapist husbands.

If you doubt me, ask Mrs. Felicia Ogbuja, wife of Andrew Ogbuja, the lecturer in hot soup for raping and sodomizing her late niece Elizabeth Ochanya Ogbanje for years alongside his son.

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Her pictures and that of her rapist husband and son are everywhere. Their pictures are on different blogs, websites and on different television stations. Their family name is being dragged through the mud because her husband thought he could get away with serially raping a little girl kept in his care from age 8 to 13 until she developed Vesico Vaginal fistula (VVF) and died.

Dear married Nigerian women, protect little girls in your care and stop covering up the heinous crimes of your randy husbands because you want to keep the sham you call marriages.


Re: Are you free in your relationship?

I love reading from you every week because I know that you mean well for both men and women in relationships. The issue is that many Nigerian men are not used to outspoken and fierce women like you who call out their bullshit without flinching.

-Tayo, Lagos

I am a regular reader of your write-ups but based on last week’s topic, I have my reservations. Do you believe that when you allow some women to do all the things they want to do including dressing the way they want, they will start seeing their husbands as weaklings that should no longer have a say regarding how they live their lives.

-Pastor Joseph

Your article is good but freedom in a relationship must be monitored and checked properly so that it won’t be abused. Many women have a way of abusing the freedom they are given and this is why men must control them. Women are meant to be controlled by men otherwise things will go from bad to worse.

-Benjamin, Abuja

Kate, you are a bad influence on married women in Nigeria. As a man who wants his wife to still respect him as the head of the house, I don’t allow her read your column before she starts growing useless wings from reading your equality-inciting articles. I don’t know how you are allowed to write about marriage that you don’t know anything about. You don’t talk like a married woman; you talk like a single mother who has no regard for the marriage institution.

-Chinedu Obi, Awka

You are an agent of the devil. Married women shouldn’t dress anyhow, talk anyhow or behave anyhow. You have been teaching good women bad things through your column because you are not in a man’s house. You want other women to be single and unmarried like you bitter, angry woman.

-Obinna, Aba

Kate, you are the best. I love the way you deal with these bad mannered, entitled Nigerian men who believe they can treat their wives anyhow because these women married them. The women who cut off their families and friends because of their wicked husbands are not sensible. They should learn to stand their grounds and stop being maltreated.

-Atinuke, Abeokuta

I don’t know how women who are married to men who control everything about them cope. I don’t know how they survive living with brutes that treat them like animals all in the name of keeping their marriages. Many Nigerian women are suffering and I thank you for bringing their plight to fore.

–Mrs. Adaora, Lagos

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