As Iginla’s church celebrates

As the church celebrates twelve years of establishment, Iginla himself had been in the service of God for twenty-five years.

Ben Okezie

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible”. (Matthew 19:26) It was definitely the spirit of leading from God that led me to him that eventful day in 2010. I was then the Managing Director of the Nigeria Police tabloid newspaper, “The Dawn”, which I founded during Sir Mike Okiro’s tenure as the inspector General of Police.

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That evening, I was flipping through my TV when I saw this fiery preacher. He was simply down to earth as he touched areas that affect my life. They used to call hIm prophet Joshua lginla but this nomenclature was later changed after an encounter with God and till date, he is simply called Brother Joshua lginla. The senior pastor of Champions Royal Assembly located in Chykakore, Kubwa area of the Federal Capital City, Abuja.

Listening every week for nine years has been outstandingly impactful and immensely spiritually beneficial. As a security journalist, I had gone to the just like hundreds of other members to see things for myself after listening to him minister in a profound manner that blew my mind. It was the first time I would meet a preacher who is unassuming, gentle and soft spoken and moreover, can see beyond you and predict what would later happen to you. He preaches, heals, prophesies, carry out deliverance with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Born with an lslamic name of Abdulkarem before his conversion to Christianity. A convert, he swore never to play mediocrity as a believer of Christ but will sacrifice anything to serve God. Joshua Iginla is an enigma and an extraordinary human being who by obeying divine instruction gave out thirty-five exortic cars including his personal car that he drove to the church service, including that of his wife. Giving is part of his nature. He has lost count of the number of cars he donated to individuals. A philanthropist extraordinary, a man of many parts who stunned members by announcing how an Angel of God led him to the present new site of the church and miraculously provided the money for the construction of the mega church edifice in eleven months.

As the church celebrates twelve years of establishment, Iginla himself had been in the service of God for twenty-five years. With each year recording stunning miracles and other outstanding happenings from raising of the dead to miraculously opening the womb of a sixty year-old barren woman.

The impressive journey of twelve years of impactful service in the vineyard of God through him have been mind blowing. The new location which is better known as the “City of Wonders” will be celebrated from November 30th to climax on December 2nd has truly been an exhibition of wonders.

Every service day comes with variety of diverse spiritual display from deliverance to healing and prophetic session which precedes an exciting and in-depth dissecting of the word of God. The spiritual activities in the church attracts men and women of every tongue and nations, the high and low, Presidents, Ambassadors, Governors, Senators and the plebeians. Each comes for various personal reason.

Interestingly, service starts as early as 7am when over 30 luxury buses conveying members from every part of Abuja Capital city and its environs and nearby states of Nasarawa and Niger States start alighting from each of the buses under the watch of trained bus Marshals.

The imposing edifice of the church added architectural beauty to the Federal Capital with over 100,000 capacity three-storey auditorium. This year’s celebration tagged “ From Majesty to Majesty”. He had informed the congregation that apart from preaching the word of God , there would be massive show of God’s power in deliverance, prophetic, healing adding that barren women would be blessed as there would be what he described as “showers of babies from heaven”. Indeed praying for barren women is like eating food to Brother Iginla. Every testimony session, astonishing testimonies abound like that of a senior police officer who was a Chief Security Officer( CSO) to a former Inspector General of police.

According to him: “ I had inquired about the man of God from this writer, who is a member of the Church and when I met the man of God personally, before I could open my mouth to tell him my predicaments, he simply told me, it is well with you and he gave me two handkerchiefs as mantles of testimonial and prophesied that my wife who had been barren for over ten years would give birth to twins . In fact, I laughed at his prophecy because, I have never experienced such simplicity in divine pronouncement before. At last, the prophecy came true. Hundreds of such astonishing testimonies abound in the church. The world congratulate Brother Iginla, and members of his church all around the globe, wishing them more glories years ahead.

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