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Following the brutal killing of  a 70 year old man in Shaffa, Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi State by bandits, Governor Bala Mohammed has lamented that he is having sleepless nights over bandits.
Katu Mai Dukkuna, a prominent kinsman of the governor, was killed on his farm while three of his grandchildren – two females and a male-were abducted.
This is coming few after several people were killed and some abducted in Toro, Alkaleri, Tafawa Balewa and several communities, prompting the governor to embark on affected communities to commiserate and assure of his administration’s commitment to end banditry.
The governor assured that everything  humanly possible would be done to rescue those abducted.
He expressed concern that the bandits have informants within making it possible to I’ll and abduct.
Speaking in Duguri on Sunday during a sympathy visit, the governor lamented that the killings and abduction was overwhelming.
“I am having sleepiness nights that Governor and my people are being killed,” he cried out..
“This is where I grew up, this is where I came to this world and became whatever l became. It is nonsense for me to be whatever and my people are being killed”
He called on residents to collaborate with his administration to wipe out the unwanted bandits    out of the state.
“Afterall our people  have a culture of self reliance, our people are known for farming, and for heroism,” he stated.
“I don’t know where we lost it such that people will come and overwhelm us.
“You have to rebuild your courage, come out  instead of being killed in your rooms”
The governor stressed that security reports found that there are informants within fueling   banditry in the State.
“But as the security agencies would always say, this cannot happen without collaboration with some obnoxious elements within us, including some members of our traditional institution, even zom security,” he said.
“Therefore we have already requested the two traditional district heads to be circumspect to look inward, because we are looking, inward because  we too we are looking so that we can arrests this issue of compromise and information giving to the bandits”
He assured that the administration would not leave any stone unturned to expose and deal with collaborators within no.matter how highly placed they are.
“There is no way somebody from Zamfara or somewhere will visit that secluded place like Shaffa and kill someone unless he has an informant,” he said.
“The security agencies cannot do it alone. And  that is why we are establishing a system of feedback. And I head that some people within us are even feeding the bandits in their secret place by giving them grains and flour, that is the report I received..
“We are going to go after such people no matter how highly placed they are to make our people safe an secure”
The governor lamented that  a lot of criminalty was going on because the communities were far from the state capital, adding  that bandits  were attracted to eonomic activities in the communities.
“We have the best of lurch vegetable  soil , agricultural soil where our people have been  farming for so many years.
“We have so many minerals here that is why we are having problem. We are trying our best, the local government is trying its best, the state government is also trying it’s best., The federal government is also doing its best”
He assured that the administration would continue to engage residents for a lasting solution.
“Our policy of community engagement has taken us everywhere in the State where this ugly incident has happened,” he said.
“We went to Toro, we went to Gwana, Munsur and then Tafawa Belewa to engage with the people”
The governor urged residents to give  feedback throgh the district heads,  the village heads or through  any useful citizen.
Speaking earlier, the Commssioner of Police, Umar Sanda, disclosed that there were informants  in.the communities working with bandits.
Sanda called on residents to cooperate with the expose such informants and report suspicious people or strangers to the police

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