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The newly selected Chairman of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) Egnr. Amina Abdulmalik has urged sports personnel and athletes in the country to be creative as athletes to change the narrative and retain the fame of our dear nation via sports.

According to her that, as the new chairman of the RMRDC sports club, “is to bring to bare modern innovation to the sports of the Council , then inclusiveness, since it is important for mental alertness for staff. I believe this is one of the key things, the Council is concerned about.”

The RMRDC Sports Club Chairman stated this during the handover and inauguration of the newly selected RMRDC Sports Club , in Abuja, yesterday.

“We were all competitors but our differences is nothing to be compared to what we can achieve together. The task ahead of us is very challenging, so we need every one’s support and participation especially the outgoing executive.


“Running new innovation in our sports, covering a wider coverage, inclusiveness of all members of the staff, bringing in more sports that we as a Council are yet to be involved in. So we need to inculcate them into the system. As a wing of sports in the nation.

“For instance, our plan for FEPSGA is to put all that we’ve got into it. We are very prepared, so we can feature there and top the chart by God’s Grace. We will not fall short between one and three to bring home many medals of sports, because at this level RMRDC is around the level of ten.

“The most important thing on ground is the FEPSGA game which we will attend to immediately alongside our outgoing chairman and executives. We’re in this together, one thing I can assure us is the inclusiveness, fairness and transparency.

Speaking, the Deputy Director Human Resources Management Division and Chairman Electoral Committee Dr. Baba James expressed his confidence in the executives, inaugurated stating the capacity, ability and competency to do just that is required of them.

“We are where we are today because of team work. It was a tedious and tension assignment but with God on our side, we have delivered successfully and that’s why we all are gathered. We all are in it together, to see the RMRDC sports club grow and advance. If we succeed, we succeed together and vice versa. And by the grace of God we shall not fail. Try and team up with the ex-ecos to do better than what has been achieved.

Leadership he said, “is giving by God, no matter how qualified you may think you are, if God doesn’t anoint you, you’re not qualified. You need not look like it, the heart and motive is most paramount. God works with people that are ready to learn and be corrected without hitches.”

Earlier, the outgoing Chairman Mr. Batako Lapai said that, being a leader is by the number of times one falls and rises again, on task given to carryout. Adding that the mistakes of the past leadership should be of breaking grounds. “The task ahead of you is very versed and you need prayers because managing human is difficult than any other thing.

“The shortcomings of the immediate past Executive should be an eye opener and my pleasure and happiness is that there are some incumbents that are part of the executive that should tap one of their experience that will take us very far while we at the other part of the wing will support and pray for the success of the club in general. One important thing we should put at the back of our minds is that they are female and they will need our collective support because it can be any other person at the position that’s being occupied today.”

The selected members were inaugurated by the Director General RMRDC Professor Hussain Doko Ibrahim.


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