Before the campaign

The forthcoming campaign would be a crowd puller and one expects our security agencies to resharpen their skills in crowd control methods.

Ben Okezie

The Independent National Electoral Commission (lNEC) has set out November 18, 2018 as commencement date for the electioneering campaign for all levels of politicians in the country. My worry is not the campaign but the aftermath of the exercise and the usual insecurity like violence that usually ensue after such campaigns. Most often campaign violence come through different shades and stretches the security agencies to their limits leaving casualties as evidence of the mayhem. Campaigns are usually riotous in Nigeria when certain guidelines are not followed. Some Politicians behave like untamed animals that are unlaced into the society. This writer have witnessed many political violence in the course of his carrier and believes that proper orientation of students,jobless youths, and the electorate should be carried out in all the states. The noticeable starting point of violence during campaigns is from the politician with Ann guarded tongue. Their manner of delivery and how they confront the other political party could spark violence. At every campaign venue, it is assumed that members of the opposition also attend such political campaign expecting to capitalize on any political flaw that may create unnecessary tension. Politics in Nigeria has always been turbulent and riotous with an attendant Wave of mayhem. Hundreds of both civilians and security personnels have been killed and properties destroyed . Is it not time for the country to build on the campaign and election security established in 2015. One of the surest way of securing political campaigns is by ensuring enough presence of security personnels and their vehicles. Campaign arena should be well monitored by security operatives who should disguised its intelligence equipment to monitor every activities of both the politician and their supporters. Campaign violence is not immune only to Nigeria. Many countries of the world have experienced campaign violence of various grade. It starts when a politician starts painting the other party in bad and offensive language that could provoke the opponent. It is such provocative language that should be abhorred.

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The political momentum that is gathering towards the 2019 elections make many security observers to think differently. It is the playup and personal attachment of the campaign by the people that is heightening the political atmosphere. Nigerians love heightening tension over national issues that affects them. Unfortunately, our security agencies hardly weigh the situation but plunge into the situation like a released fish that sighted water and takes a plunge. One thinks that despite the situation on ground, no matter how tense, it is for security agencies to calm down the nerves of the people by issuing periodic press releases to the media. The forthcoming campaign would be a crowd puller and one expects our security agencies to resharpen their skills in crowd control methods. When hoodlums infiltrate a crowd the confusion caused can be likened to when Bees sting a man. With the appalling way the police in recent time has been handling civil protest, one hopes that caution should be their watchword. While the security agencies are refining their strategy , the real player being lNEC should better educate the electorate by utilizing all the government agencies to dissemination electoral information.

Unnecessary tension in FCT

The Cat and Mouse situation created between the un daunting members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) or Shiite, and the Nigerian Army stalled many activities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for days leaving three members of the sect dispatched to their early grave. Those of them that died would no longer participate in any of their activities and surely other members of the sect would understand the hopelessness in standing up against a determined government. Looking back, it is necessary to recount the incident that instigated this unfortunate incident. The members were alleged to had blocked the convoy of the Chief of Army staff Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai and a clash ensued. The military saw that as an affront and an attempt to humiliate their COAS, consequently, the spiritual leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, was arrested and charged to court. However he was released on bail six times by court of competent jurisdiction yet the government ignored and bluntly declined to heed the court judgement. So his followers took to the street calling for the release of their spiritual leader. There seems to be more that meets the eyes than what we see being displayed. In the first place, the members knew the person in that convoy was the Nigerian Army personified, so why go and touch the tail of a Lion if the Goat was not looking for trouble. Was that not the height of foolishness and youthful exuberance, even if one should sympathise with its the ashite members, reports of their activities should first of all be condemned. How can a group not pay allegiance to the federal government just because they are being funded from lran. Any act of gross insubordination should be roundly resisted. Even at that , the hard position of the government needs to be reviewed. As the father of the nation,there is nothing wrong if he court judgement is either appealed against or heed the court judgement after which Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is invited to a round table talk. This aspect of dialogue seems alien to this government. Many wars and conflicts have been won around dialogue table. Was it not dialogue that brought the Niger Delta militants out of the creeks to embrace amnesty? Was it not through dialogue that the former Lagos State governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu disarmed the Odua People’s Congress (OPC)? So, why not Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky? These disruptions of public peace are not necessary, bearing in mind that the country is about stepping into full election campaign. There is therefore no sense in opening ones window when the owner of the house is aware of the presence of Bees.

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