Being a dad: Life values fathers should teach their children

Kate Halim

There are many life values fathers should not miss out on teaching their children. These life lessons and values will help them cope with the challenges of the real world with grace and confidence as they grow up.

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Good manners should be inculcated in children from childhood. This helps them interact with the people they meet in their daily lives and shape them into loving and considerate people.

You can teach your children to use common phrases such as “Please” and “Thank you” when interacting with them and keep up with this as they grow up. Make it a habit to use these phrases when they share their favourite items with you.

Teach them the value of honesty. It is important to teach children the value of honesty and explain to them the consequences of lying. Teach your children to tell the truth and not attempt to make others feel better by telling white lies.

While you help your children to develop a love of reading, also point out to them that there are many ways to learn new things apart from reading. Encourage them to open their minds to new experiences and learn from life situations and the people that they cross paths with.

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Teach them the courage to speak up. Teaching your children to speak up and stand up for themselves is one of the most valuable lessons you can give them. This gives them courage to ask questions and the confidence to put across their thoughts and ideas to others as adults.

Teach them how to manage money. This life skill should be taught from the moment your children start receiving an allowance for school, as it helps them learn about the importance of saving, how to budget their money and the consequences of spending more than what they can afford. By giving your children a good head start in money management, they will grow up with a sense of responsibility when it comes to money matters.

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Teach them how to resolve disagreements peacefully. Fathers need to teach their children the art of staying calm when facing disagreements and confrontations. Teach them to focus on the problem at hand and not to bear grudges against the other person, and to keep negative emotions such as anger, rage and dissatisfaction under control.

Teach them to lend a helping hand to others. Encourage your children to lend a helping hand whenever the opportunity arises. This teaches them compassion and empathy and to put the needs of others first before theirs.

Teach them to live happily and with positivity. Encourage your children to focus on the positives, count their blessings and find joy in the little things that bring happiness. By adopting a positive mindset, your children will develop the resilience to cope with all the challenges that come their way and emerge stronger and wiser.

Teach them to love with all their hearts. Besides showering your children with love, you need to teach them to love unconditionally with all their hearts. This involves accepting others not for what they do or are capable of, but to love them for who they are.

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