Between Fayemi and Ekiti people

One hundred working days could be regarded as too early and short a time to rate the performance of any government. In some climes where the elected officials are intellectually lazy and not envisioned enough for good governance, such period is fondly regarded as honeymoon time.

But an ardent follower of the Governor of Ekiti State since he came on board for his second term would deduce that every second matters to him. He seems to be in a hurry to again write his name on the marble as the best performing governor that has ever superintended over Ekiti State. Little wonder, the governor has done so much within this time and his leadership has garnered the confidence of the populace.

Like the axiom that the number of years one spent on earth does not count enough, but how rewarding and impactful those years were and to humanity remains the best. The 100 days of Fayemi in the saddle of governance has been eventful going by the statistics of performance of his administration.

The flagship of his achievement was the pronouncement made on Saturday, October 16, 2018 during his inauguration that there would be free education at the Primary and Secondary cadres of academics in Ekiti State. He assured people of the state that no child at the state’s public primary and secondary schools would be made or compelled to pay any obnoxious tax or development fee that could constitute unnecessary burden to the parents.

Subsequently, Governor Fayemi on October 18, 2018, the first working day matched his words with action by abrogating the N1000 and N500 development levy and other hitherto burdensome fees being paid at the primary and secondary levels. Today, parents are not only breathing a sigh of relief, but have been relieved to the extent that school enrolment has gone up. Children, who had earlier dropped out of schools on account of financial impediment, are now back on account of this magnanimous policy. Again, most of the private schools are now battling with how to halt the drifting of their students to public schools, for every parent was enthusiastic to savour the free education policy.

As people were basking in the euphoria of the policy, Governor Fayemi again walked the talk by releasing a staggering sum of N200 million as vehicle and housing loans to teachers. Before the election, the widespread impression among the populace was that, Governor Fayemi was anti-teachers. This he had to battle so hard to correct; this many believe the loan approval was just a bait to trick the teachers. But few days back, the governor again disappointed the skeptics by releasing a sum of N146 million to pay arrears of core subjects and rural allowances. With these two strong connections, Fayemi is now bonded with the teachers and a new song has been reverberating on the lips of the highly gracious Ekiti teachers.

Governor Fayemi had also made a giant leap in water supply, by entering into partnership with the World Bank to reposition our dams with N3.7 billion for optimal production of potable water to every Ekiti home. The humongous amount was to be expended on our dams namely: Egbe, Ero, Itapaji and Ureje to make life better for the citizenry. The programme kickstarted in Ekun Ekiti where Ero dam was located and in a matter of months, all damaged pipes that reticulate water to about nine local governments will be reconstructed for full use of our water potentials to benefit mankind.

Most exhilarating was how the Governor has been injecting the culture of “ salary without tears’ into the State’s civil service. Gone were the days when salaries payments were seen as a favour and privilege, rather than rights. Today under Fayemi, every worker is sure that his benefit will be paid before the last day of the month. As part of the ingenious effort to ensure continuity in the running of government, he had also paid a month salary out of the arrears owed by the former administration.  This underscored the fact that government is not only a continuum, that people’s destiny should not be unnecessarily tinkered with on the altar of political differences.

Though, one may not expect that roads could be tarred by any government within a short spate of 100 days, but Fayemi had achieved the feat. Apart from the fact that all contractors handling various projects under Fayose’s government but could not complete them due to paucity of funds had been mobilized to site, the Ajilosun-Oba Adejugbe hospital – Mathew road had been tarred as alternative road linking that section to Odo Ado area of the Sstate capital. Traffic decongestion at Ijigbo and old garage would now be achievable with this lofty infrastructure.

The people are also saluting Fayemi for knowing that the civil service remains the engine room of the state’s economy. Little wonder, he had taken cognate steps to reposition the sector. Recently, he recalled all the relieved permanent secretaries back to their duty posts. He ordered that all their emoluments since the days of illegal disengagement should be paid. This would help in fortifying the sector regarded as the nerve centre of our economy, Ekiti being a civil service dominated state. To cap it up, he also elevated career officers in the 16 council areas to preside over the third-tier of government, with that strong belief that they can make tremendous impacts if given the opportunities. The 100 days of Fayemi’s government had again reinforced the people’s belief that it is not how long, but how well. The governor has started to deliver democratic dividends to the people and it is still counting just like his first term; it is becoming clearer by the day that Fayemi’s second coming would be more rewarding than the  past.

The view point was written by Damilare  Aluko, an Assistant Principal Grade III, Ikere High School, Ikere-Ekiti

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