A new book, Conspiracy of Silence: Deception, Hypocrisy, and Bloodshed under Muhammadu Buhari, written by an Ireland-based Nigerian, Azukaoma Uche Osakwe, has joined literary works telling the Nigerian story.
The book, published by AuthorHouse UK, takes a critical look at what the author sees as underdevelopment, visionless and rudderless leadership, religious revivalism, institutionalization of corruption, marginalization and nepotism under President Buhari’s administration.
Divided into three main sections, the book’s Part One examines what the author calls “Fulanisation policy,” inept leadership, and conspiracy of silence on national burning issues, neopatrimonialism and nepotism.

Part Two deals with what the author sees as lawlessness, failed state,
and the politics of restructuring in Nigeria.
Using the feedback and assessment of Nigeria’s terrible status and politics of restructuring from Part Two, Part Three dwells on exhaustive challenges that bedevil Nigerian state.
Osakwe said: “In this book, I lays out how politics in Nigeria is no longer based on what politicians can do for the community. Rather, the focus is on what they can do for themselves. There is no more catching fish for God. The religion they follow is based on stealing from the people.”
He said “Buhari was presented as an agent of change, but his seven years in charge have only brought pain, bloodshed, anarchy, and more turmoil.”
When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, Osakwe said: “To let them know how
Nigeria has fallen from grace to grass due to bad leadership, ethno-religious divide, and incipient
nonchalant followership and that something must be done to move Nigeria away from the precipice.”
Osakwe, a political and media consultant,
researcher, and social critic, earned a doctorate degree from Dublin City University.
He is also the author of two other books: “The Divided House: NdiIgbo at a Crossroads” (2014), and “The Second Coming” (2016).

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