Breaking loose from the torment of fear

Free yourself from the torment of guilt and the fear of being caught in an illicit affair, with all the terrible consequences.

Ladi Ayodeji

My last article on fear compelled me to write this sequel because of other types of fear that I could not deal with last week. I realised that there were people suffering from extreme forms of fears like phobias, nightmares and imbecility, which need explanation.

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Phobics are naturally disposed to fear. Any hint of danger scares them stiff. They fear what ought not to cause fear under normal circumstances. Some people are afraid of heights, rivers, flying in an aircraft or even harmless domestic animals like cats.

It is in your own interest to fear wild animals like snakes, scorpions and other dangerous reptiles because they naturally would cause mortal damage if they attack you. Snakes are fearsome creatures because of the myth surrounding them. The snake is the symbol of Satan and is the animal often used by evil forces in demonic attacks. All wild animals are feared, but not as much as the fabled snake. It is popular with magicians who display them under a spell to make a show.

Animals torment people in bad dreams or the kind of nightmares induced by spiritual attacks. Not all nightmares or bad dreams are the handiwork of Satan. Some sicknesses like yellow fever, cerebral fever, or psychological disorders may cause terrible dreams or nightmares that could scare you badly; you may have to consult a doctor for help if you are a victim of frequent nightmares or phobias.

Some people are timid because they were born with a mind that is not well developed. This defect makes them to be imbeciles. They lack self-confidence and have no mental capacity to cope with the rigours of daily living.

Those who are troubled by psychological disorders that manifest in certain types of abnormal fear should consult a qualified psychiatrist. Healing homes may help but I do not recommend them. I am not against faith-healing, being a pastor that is gifted with a healing anointing myself. Yet, I can only speak for myself.

That said, to break free from the torment of fear that is not caused by a congenital disease is a function of knowledge. You must know that when something bothers you to the extent that you begin to live in fear of that issue, you deal with it summarily before it deals with you beyond redemption.

What is your fear? Are you in debt?

Rather than running away from your creditor, go and meet them face-to-face with a realistic repayment plan. If you have any valuable assets, sell them off to repay your loans. Are you in a secret romance? Terminate it, repent and go back to your spouse. Free yourself from the torment of guilt and the fear of being caught in an illicit affair, with all the terrible consequences.

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Whatever secret sins you are committing that is bugging you, just quit. Repent and sin no more. Don’t let fear or guilt worry you. Once you stop doing wrong, you forget the past and move on. Nobody is perfect. Don’t live in fear, deal with it. Come to terms with your reality and solve that problem in a practical way.

Many people live with more burden than they can bear and become nervous wrecks. Be very realistic. If you have issues with rent, relocate to a smaller apartment you can conveniently afford to service. Live within your means. I know it is difficult to adjust when you are used to certain standards. If you can’t pay for private schools, take your children to public schools. Don’t let the fear of school bills kill you.

You don’t owe anyone any explanation to adjust to your present reality. If you must move on in life, you sometimes have to shed weight; you may have to swallow a bitter pill. You may have to sell your car to pay some bills that won’t let you live in peace. That’s life! We all go through ups and downs to survive.

There are those who fear menopause because they are yet to give birth. Why not adopt a child, meanwhile, and continue to wait for divine intervention? Fear won’t give you a child; it is faith that does it. When a situation is hopeless, commit it to God. With God, nothing is impossible. You must learn to control your fear, tame it, or dispense with it. Don’t let fear torment you to death. Fear can cause great havoc to your health. People who live with the torment of fear suffer stroke, hypertension, and other heart-related diseases. Some fears might even be unfounded. Some fears are products of illusion, ignorance and wrong information or bad habits like negative thinking.

The best way to overcome fear is to expose yourself to faith-building messages, books, movies, music, etc. Someone who is a phobic or easily disposed to nightmares shouldn’t watch horror films, animal (TV) channels where you see animals attacking their prey. People who are fearful should rather read the Bible, watch positive motives, and listen to faith-inspiring stories and read biographies. What you feed your mind with is what your mind stores and replays in your subconscious, where fear or faith is formed.

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Weekend spice: Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love – Buddha

Ok folks, let’s meet again next Friday. Stay motivated this weekend


Ayodeji is an author, rights activist, pastor and life coach. He can be reached on 09059243004 (SMS and WhatsApp only)

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