Buhari threatening the unity of Nigeria – Ezeife

Buhari threatening the unity of Nigeria – Ezeife

Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife

Former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has decried the policy of raw injustice being meted against members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) in the South Eastern part of the country.
Ezeife, who called on President Muhammadu Buhari to rethink the logic in the policy of using a sledge-hammer to crush harmless ants, remarked in an interview that the constant arrests, detention and frequent killing of harmless activists, pressure groups and campaigners, has the capacity of invariably pushing them to adopt stiff resistance as a means of self defence.
Sir, how would you justify the Federal Government’s recent offensive against MASSOB and Radio Biafra?
MASSOB is primarily a pressure group which doesn’t go with arms. They have never been armed. I don’t know what the recent upsurge in the attack means. Recently in Onitsha, 12 youths who participated in peaceful demonstration were killed and many injured by the Police.
And also there were those who went to church to celebrate their anniversary, and Police went killing and maiming them. This is uncalled for; I don’t know whether to call this injustice or another form of genocide against the people.
This people are protesting injustices to the Igbo. They talk about Biafra and it is only now that politicians are picking interest in what they are doing. Though they have made some mistakes in the past to have prevented our people from being counted during the population census, which was a major loss to our area. But to kill people when they stage peaceful demonstration is genocidal.
But some of the Igbo leaders are also guilty of not giving adequate support to pan-Igbo group for justice?
The problem with MASSOB is that they are not fully accepted by mainstream Igbo politicians because you cannot be asking that you want to be President of Nigeria and say you want disintegration from Nigeria.
In fact, some northerners are capitalising on this because they know the truth and tend to use it against the Igbo political interest and now Buhari is growing MASSOB by his disposition towards the Igbo people since assumption of office.
He seems to be saying you people can go, I don’t care, and even one of the Buhari strong supporters, Alhaji Junaidu Muhammed made it clear in one of his recent outbursts.
What do you think is the way out of this?
This is a major problem not too good for the polity and I don’t know how it would be solved, but killing people, committing pogrom and genocide against those who are going for mass to worship their God, all of them is indeed incitement of MASSOB against the nation by the authorities.
Moreover, I will want to discourage people from linking up Radio Biafra with MASSOB. They are two different things. Radio Biafra is an individual effort being made to express the progress of the Igbo people.
Taking a look at Buhari administration’s appointment so far, some say it is a call to anarchy. How would you advise Buhari, if you see it differently?
My brother, a lot has been said about recent appointments. Sometimes, people don’t understand. They think there can be amendments, but where will the amendment come from; we have the President, the Vice, Senate President, Chief Justice and Speaker of House of Representative and Secretary to the government. These are six major appointments in a country that has six geopolitical zones. Even those who are not Igbos believe the SGF should have come from the region.
Ogbonnaya Onu is a rightful man being a party member. So, the moment that was taken away, there is nothing left with which to compensate the Igbos. I even looked at the list of ministers; I am told that also has been skewed in favour of the North than Southerners.
Having said that, what are you the elder-statesmen, especially of the southern extraction, doing to call Buhari administration to order?
The problem is that Buhari is threatening the unity of Nigeria. This was seen very early. In one of Buhari’s interviews with Al-jazeera, I even have it in my Watsup where a woman asked President Buhari a question and what Buhari said was that there is this idea that you don’t prospect diversity of Nigeria. He said, there are Northern groups he understands and others he doesn’t understand.
Taking a look at that and what he tells you is that he is not pursuing a northern agenda, and yet the North West is dominating everywhere. So, what else are you telling the people that are not part of the system? What message are you passing?
Can you advise him on amendment for the nation to move on?
Buhari cannot make any amendments. He does not want to make any amendments. He has a programme we don’t know and he continues with it. I understand that the Boko Haram prisoners sent to the East are still there in spite of all the promises we got and many people are still thinking that this is a ploy towards Islamisation of the country.
The plan is that Boko Haram will be in prison, brainwashed other prisoners and overtime, there will be a jail break and they all will go inside towns spreading ISIS gospels and agenda, though God is in charge.

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