Comment on 100 groups shake Ibadan for Oduduwa Republic by THE NOON

If late Rasta Prophet Bob Marley in His EXODUS Says ” WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING AND WE KNOW WHERE ARE WE COMING FROM”. The wisdom and philosophy in its message made Late Bob Marley accepted as prophet in the Rastafarian movement. Therefore it is obvious that these agitators for Oduduwa Republic in difference groups Failed to reflected from where they are going nor reflected from where they are coming from which undoubtedly made them not to opened their mind to vividly realized the historical factors that over 60years of Independence from colonial master, many years of military regime and over 20years of democracy in Nigeria while its characteristics and the legacies of past president/head of States were key factors that made it difficult to succeed on any agitation in any names because these Past Nigerian former leaders sacrificial and patriotic legacies in keeping Nigeria as One will continually hunting all efforts of agitation for republic in any names moreover the 8years of Gen. I.B.B Alone remained an era that keep defending the National Unity and integrities of Nigeria which all efforts of agitation can not withstand because The geographical and political location of ABUJA Alone Confirmed the fact that Gen. I.B.B laid a solid foundation of one Nigeria at the same time ensured that Nigeria was built on a rock so a house built on rock will by difficult for any storms of agitation or winds of disintegration to destroyed of which these legacies gave Gen. I.B.B a LIVING LEGEND YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER and a title as an EMPEROR OF UNITED NIGERIA while all Nigerians past president/heads of States are Heroes of an unquestionable integrities in theses regards although they never claimed they are saints. Many of these groups agitating for Oduduwa Republic does not really know where they are coming from while 85% of them failed to visualize that over sixty’s years of an independence was not a journey of jokes therefore sixty years of togetherness as a country remained a legacies itself.

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