Comment on 2023: Arewa youths shop for South-South president by THE NOON

There is No doubt that these jobless and idle brains youths in an undemocratic name of Arewa youths Assembly are not only deluded themselves but absolutely demonstrated lacked of political and Democratic orientation which its bondages remained reasons for many unwarranted tribal, religion and regional sentiment that characterized governance while these long term political culture and its notions of tribal, religion and regional interest in governance confirmed the facts that democracy not really compatible with a sicked society like Nigeria. A viable and mature political society understand the ugly consequence of allowing religion, tribal or region in a Democratic process of chosen a leaders at all levels that is why their political culture gives priority to a leadership qualities that defined Peoples Choice however the choices of Arewa youths Assembly contradicted the principles of peoples choice of which their position was a mere association which neither has the constitutional powers of a political party nor has the political charisma to woo Nigerians that had suffered in many ways of Bad Democratic governance. This scenario of Arewa Youth’s VS Arewa Elders Forum was another symptoms of a sickness of a society which runs counter to what democracy all about and disrespected the historical legacies of the Northern Heroes of democracy, The Legacies of common united goals, the selfless sacrifices for the people and the legacies of united peoples for common united front in blood and flesh moreover only a political party has statuary obligations to produce a candidate for an election of which the multi parties system of Nigeria democracy only turned political parties to businesses enterprises where in business making profit ruled over everything that is why politics was defined as killed or destroyed affairs in an atmosphere of fear of fear therefore it was unarguable that the process of chosen Democratic leadership at parties levels in Nigeria are undemocratic in all ramifications that defined matured political society and these confirmed that there were No Democratic political parties in Nigeria but only political enterprises, political busybody, political Chameleon and political puppets.

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