Comment on 2023 Brightest chance for igbo presidency – chekwas okorie by Dr. Uche Kalu

Nigeria is supposed to be a Democratic Country and anybody,be he an Igbo
or not,who is talking about 2023 Brightest Chance for an Igbo Presidency is certainly an idiot and indeed a non-Democrat.
Having said that however, an Igbo Presidency come 2023, without a restructuring of the country,will be tantamount to putting a new wine into an already old and putrefied wine bottle.
Nonetheless,Mazi Chekwa Okorie’s broaching of this very idea of an Igbo
Presidency come 2023, is certainly a provocation toward our Hausa/Fulani Overlords and that might have already sent some shock waves amongst the Hausa/Fulani Elites.
Of course,the Neo-Colonialist Fulani aliens of the Caliphate of Sokoto are wont to defend any challenge to their current firm grip on our fatherland with the last drops of their damned filthy blood.
However, given the structural imbalances of surplus Sates and LGAs for the Islamic North and Federal Charcter cum Quota System imposed on the polity, an Igbo Precidency will certainly bebefit neither the Igbos nor the entire Indigenous People of Nigeria.
Thus,during OBJ’s Presidency the Obokis and Igbos did benefit more than
Yorubas fom OBJ’s Presidency,and under GEJ the Ijaws got absolutely nothing from their Ijaw Presidency.
Therefore,every patriotic Nigerian must stand up against the ongiong Fulanízation and Isalamization of our fatherland,coupled with the daily pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their ancestral lands by the Neo-Colonialist Fulani aliens.
At this juncture therefore,the ultima ratio for us Ndigbo is to fight for a restructuring of the country or for us Nigerians to go our fucking separate ways like the Soviets and the Yugoslaves.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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