Comment on 2023: Kalu, Onu, Obi, others best bets for South East –Umealo by Dr Uche Kalu

Dave Umahi, Ogbonnaya Onu and Orji Uzor Kalu are Igboawusas and
therefore Quislings.
The trio’s membership of that Axis of Evil Party of conmen,Islamic bigots
Igbophobes et al,so called APC does disqualify them from speaking for us
Ndigbo, because they are compromised and a bunch of damned Reprobates.
Where were the Dave Umahis, Ogbonnaya Onus and Orji Uzor Kalus of this
world,when ;
1. At the best of President Buhari,the Nigerian Army and the Police on the
30th of May 2016 invaded Alaigbo and slaughgtered in their wake hundreds
of our unarmed Igbo children in Cities and Towns of the South East and
parts of the South South?
2.President Buhari designated our IPOB Millennials as a Terrorist Group?
3.That same Nigerian Armed Forces and the Police launched their
gobbledygook Python i,ii,and iii Dances against our flag bearing,unarmed
and non-violent Millennials of IPOB, and massacred hundreds of them in
cold blood?
4.Our dear innocent daughter, Oriaku Bridget Agabahieme was brutally and publicly beheaded alife by some Kano Hisbah Police (Dandukas)?
A Kano Sharia Court did try her posthumously and found her guilty of
blasphemy later.
That same Sharia Court did set the perpetrators of that barbaric and
heinous crime free, because according to the Court, they merely fulfilled
their Islamic obligation.
With their equanmity of Pontius Pilate, all Igbo Members of APC are also
complicit in the ongoing daily killings of our innocent Igbo Youths.
Those Igboawusas of APC must be very circumspect in allowing our South
East be plunged into an inter fratricidal bloodlettings and conflagrations
with their continued maintenance of equanimity of Pontius Pilate.
Having said that however,Ndigbo at home and abroad do hear Mazi
Enyinnaya Abaribe and Peter Obi speak up loud on our behalves.
Let them continue making their voices louder until they are heard in Atlanta.
Their voices and show of Enyimba Spirit do give lots of Igbos some hopes.
Furthermore,an Igbo Presidency without first restructuring of the country,
will be tantamount to putting a new wine into a putrefied old wine bottle.
Nonetheless, those silly Igboawusas and Nigerian Igbos,who do believe
that our Neo-Colonialist Fulani Overlords,will ever relinquish their current
firm grip on the country,should brace themselves up for a rude surprise
come 2023.
Their Igbo Presidency dream is indeed a pipe dream.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulan Islamic Hegemony!!!

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