Comment on 2023: Northern leaders drum support for S’East, N’East, N’Central by THE NOON

In a multiparty system of democracy and its political culture of always allowed tribal, regional and religious sentiment to prevailed over National interest while its barbaric political ideology always given priorities to luxury and comfort of an elected offices than render selfless services to the country therefore Who really is denying North Central to produced Nigeria president? Reliable elections records since 1999 showed that all regions and tribes in Nigeria had Produced Presidential candidates without prejudices to democratic fair principle in an election of which many of the candidates eventually defeated so who is denying North central, South east and South south president? Since Nigeria practices multiparty system undoubtedly there is no Democratic justification for any regions or tribes to blindly insisted they are denied president even the 2019 Presidential election there was an Igbo man that contested while many Igbo’s didn’t voted for him So who is denying region or tribes to produced Nigeria president? These political mentality of Nigerians required RESTRUCTURING in a very cleared direction that really tell the whole world Why RESTRUCTURING the government without people truely RESTRUCTURED their selfish and unpatriotic political mentality absolutely defined a very Sicked society which not really compatible with democracy.

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