Comment on 2023 Presidency: No zoning, No Nigeria – Ayo Adebanjo by THE NOON

Constitutionally and democratically The Kaduna state Governor has right of personal opinion and right of express which should not be a subject of baseless and unwise judgemental. The unpatriotic afenifere leader should remember the roles they played through NADECO in struggle against military regime that Democratic system was the solution so why is 20yrs of democracy in Nigeria worst than the military era? And why were all the system of Government the country practices since 1960 failed to add value to the wellbeing of people? Again why is it the south western part of Nigeria are the first to hypocritically antagonise any régime or system or even the person in office as President?. Ago Adebanjo should acknowledged the fact that since all the system of government Nigeria has practice since 1960 failed to ensure what good governace is all about definitely the shameful agitation for restructuring only amounted to nonsense dilly dally of 21st century mental slavery because how could 2023 presidency should dominated media when President Buhari have not even spend hundred (100) days in office? How could 2023 presidency remained an issue when insecurities, poverty and poor governance enveloped Nigerians in an atmosphere of fear, hopelessness that often triggered crime and cruminalities?. The current ugly situations of the country were painful to all the patriotic Nigerians because the unprecedented Legacies of Gen. IBB is about to come to an abrupt end, the legacies of United Nigeria, Unity and progress, purposeful leadership and sacrifices however Gen. IBB philosophical step aside in 1993 now clearly manifested the motive and leadership bravery which young Nigerians embraced of which Nigerians that wanted the labour of our Heroes past should not go in vain are humbly begging the Living Legend Yesterday, Today and Forever Gen. IBB to bravely step_In with His messianic Leadership philosophy to redeem Nigeria. Happy Birthday Gen.IBB. Your Leadership sacrifice in Your Regime remained the only uniting forces of Nigeria and Africa in this ugly situations of the continent Please!Please!!Please!!!Please!!! Come back

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