Comment on 2023 Presidency open to North, South –Ngige by kabiyeze

An erudite submission. Ngige has always proved his mettle when duty called. The area I disagree most is that APC does not have zoning. The comment by APC leader Tinubu recently, that it was too early to discuss where to zone the presidency of 2023 shows there’s zoning either express or implied ( remember gentleman’s agreement). The purported fear by some Nigerians in Biafra agitation is giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it. If Biafra is not achieved under an administration that they considered most oppressive, how can it be achieved when an administration of their son is in place? It is illogical. Such fear can only be logical if based on consequences of denying Igbos presidency in 2023 based on equity, and rotational considerations.
Nobody can now say that Igbos do not have quality, capable, competent and trustworthy presidential materials. If other Nigerians cannot trust persons like Ngige, Ogbonnaya Onu, Geoffrey Onyema etc there is another meaning of the word ‘trust’. On the issue of Igbos joining APC en mass before securing candidacy, I disagree going by existing convention. When PDP zoned their presidency to South West in 1999 was that the criteria? Was PDP anywhere in the West. Even when the west did not vote for PDP, did PDP not win presidency? The major political parties have the moral and conventional obligation to zone their presidency to the South East in 2023 if the much touted One Nigeria is not a joke. PDP in particular has no reason to continue existing in the South East if the party put together by the great efforts of Dr. Alex Ekwueme contemplates denying South East the rotated presidency in 2023. How can PDP explain that 20 years of most consistent loyalty, and having rotated the presidency to the West (with little presence) and North (with alternating loyalty)they are treating South East as a spectator in the game?

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