Comment on 2023: South East in good standing to produce president –Senator Bwacha by THE NOON

The precampaign and preelection records of 2015 Presidential election that produced President Buhari in the history of Nigeria democracy and its political atmosphere recorded some fundamental political lessons that pratically defined Nigerian barbaric political culture where more than 75% of Nigerians had strong belief that BUHARI CANDIDATURE was the answers to all Nigeria socioeconomic, political and security challenges while some so called religious leaders used their altar to confirmed that BUHARI was an anointed candidature as well as some prominent Nigerians gave full support in many media interviews that BUHARI candidature remained the only solutions to Nigeria problems, now is President Muhammad BUHARI really the answers to Nigeria socioeconomic, political and security challenges? WHY?. Can President BUHARI alone be a solutions to Nigeria socioeconomic, political and security challenges in a Democratic system of government without every citizens play their own parts in Nation Building? Why does President BUHARI launched CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME? does it really work in changing the mentality of Nigerians that Change really begins with them?. These political lessons as far as democracy is concern should be a key factor that awake people from slumber of MILITARY MENTALITY because If south east produce Nigeria President in 2023 no matter his or her leadership qualities without every citizens realized change begins with them and without the spirits of patriotism drives every citizens to be a good ambassador of their, the religious they carried it identity, The President from south east will never succeed because Why is Nigerians had the abnormal mentality that Nigerians past President/Head of States were all BAD?

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