Comment on 2023: Yorubas should go for presidency- Afenifere group by Kabiyeze

Tribalism at old age. I wonder why these elders at their age still see citizens of this country from narrow tribal sentiments. So Awolowo groomed them from young age to Igbos as enemies of Yorubas. Very unfortunate. However I wish the Yoruba youths will be more reasonable and responsible than these nepotistic elders. Youths of Yoruba should tell them that Obasanjo, a Yorubaman from South West having ruled for eight years, and returned power to the North in the spirit of rotation, and Jonathan from South South, having also ruled and relinguished power to the North that it will be most greedy on the part of Yoruba to struggle with the Igbo of South East the only South zone yet to produce president in 2023 when the North would have completed their eight years.

Source: news

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