Comment on 2023: Zulum, northern group make case for South East, Middle Belt by THE NOON

The strong notion of these set of people on matter of 2023 Presidency clearly tells the whole World that neither Restructuring nor True Federalism nor new constitution the major problems of Nigerian Democratic development but its barbaric political culture obviously required an actual restructuring of mentalities because proffering solutions to socioeconomy, political and general insecurities of lives and properties should not democratically centred on Presidency however these political culture and its barbaric notions always made peoples to focus on Presidency as if only the Presidency has solutions to the country problems while all the clamouring for restructuring, true Federalism and new constitution are only defined in people mentalities not really the actual Democratic system itself.
It’s now the right time to reflected on Pre 2015 Presidential election that Produced President Muhammad Buhari where more than 80% of Nigerians irrespective of religious faith, tribes and regions strongly believed that BABA BUHARI was the answer to socioeconomic, political and especially general insecurities of lives and properties so now Is BABA BUHARI Truely the answer?. Undoubtedly it was Nigerian political culture the main Problems not really the Constitution because its Practice Unitary government in the mentalities of people while its ideology often arranged the mindset of people to believed only the elected leaders has obligations of nation building while the followers has no any constitutional duties as a citizens.
Therefore the much ado about 2023 Presidential candidature in a situations where the country is physically, emotionally and psychologically unrest showed an absolute lacked of patriotism while its curiosity about region and age limits of the Presidency confirmed that Nigerian political culture was not only barbaric but cleared testimony of a sicked society which not compatible with democracy. If BABA BUHARI THEN A MESSIAH, WHY NOW A MONSTER? This mean If An Angel Comes down to rule Nigeria, Still it will not proffered solutions to its challenges so who is fooling who with 2023 Presidency?

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