Comment on 3 arrested for swindling people of millions using Sunny Ade’s name by Kess

Nigerians ( Africans) with abroad,
yes things are so bad now in our country and everyone is looking for exit out of her but we must also know that the whole world today is facing various challenges not just us, many country in Europe no longer want immigrants,

they are making the laws difficult for migrants to get documented, and once a migrant is not documented he or she is seen as an illegal immigrant, so getting a job becomes a challenge and in some places, when employers know that one is an illegal immigrant they take advantage of the person.

So while the person is suffering and struggling in the cold to survive abroad, friends and families are busy calling him or her for money, in most cases those left behind in Nigeria are coping better and happy amidst the challenges back at home.

Please, if we must run away from Nigeria to another country for economic or insecurity purpose, let us do it legally, that is what will dignify us and that is what pays.

I rest my case ooh.

Source: news

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