Comment on 3 states willing to implement national livestock plan –Umahi by Dr Uche Kalu

Governor Dave Umahi is indeed a damned conman.
As a Chairman of Igbo Governors’ Forum ,he did once declare openly that there will be no open grazing in Igboland.
Furthermore, the Aro-Uzo Quisling , Dave Umahi did also along with other Igbo Governnors unanimously agree that there will be no Ruga in Igboland.
But upon all that,Fulani Herdsmen are rampaging all over Ebony State and also
there are reports about 50 locations in Ebony State ,where alien Fulani Herders
are known to have dug in permanently,because of a secret deal between
Governor Umahi and the MACBAN Sheikhs in his State.
But all Igbo Apex Organisations, including Ohanaeze Ndigbo have unanimously decided that there will be no fucking Farmers/Herders Commmittee in Igboland.
The gobble-de-gook National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) that Governor Umahi is talking about is really an euphemism for Ruga and therefore, NLTP is a ruse by the power-that – be to Fulanise and Islamise our fatherland.
If that Ebony traitor, Nwa Umahi,wants to sign up with NLTP, he must first seek
for the opinion of the people of Ebony through a referendum and also Ohanaeze Ndigbo of Ebonyi State must of course, be consulted.
It is all about the future of our Igbo children and the generation of Igbo children after them which is at stake here.
Somebody out there should please call that Aro-Uzo Quisling,Dave Umahi to other or else,he will be declared persona non granta in Alaigbo.
Oh yes indeed!
We Biafrans,shall mobilize our Bakasse,IPOB and MASSOB Youths against David Nwaeze Umahi and his entire family members.
That is not a threat but a promise.
Our Baifrans Youths shall rout and hound Governor Umahi and his family out of
Alaigbo to Ugwu Ndiawusa.Lol!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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