Comment on 36 presidential candidates beg Atiku by Peter Okeke

It is unfortunate that the weak, the denied and the abused by the imposing powers of government are always advised to be peaceful and submissive to suppressions and oppressive regime in order to avoid conflict. They are usually cowed and intimidated to silence.
Those who are asking Atiku to shelve the idea of going to court to sue for what is right are not true democrats. Even if he goes to court and lose let all the illegal rigging of the election by the undeserving president be subjected to the eye of the law. That approach rather than the selfish pretences by the so called 36 representatives of presidential candidates in the last presidential ignominious election will deepen and strengthen our democracy and the judicial system. A thief cannot and should not be condoned to get away with his steal and enjoy his loot in the interest of peace.

Source: news

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