Comment on 4 die in police, IPOB clash in Anambra by kabiyeze

Arrant nonsense. Those who kill by sword will die by sword. Human life no longer means anything to the authorities in Nigeria. Why should someone lose life. Haruna Mohammad should better come up with reasonable and credible story as he is not addressing idiots. He should note that the guns and bullets with the police are meant to secure citizens lives not to terminate them without due process of law. Even if IPOB that is known all over the world to be a peaceful and non violent organisation is proscribed by the FG, while violent Herdsmen and Miyyetti Allah group are being pampered, the mandate is not to kill their members, even if those killed are IPOB members. There is no gallantry in invading a peaceful community, invading a family that just buried one of their members and still mourning their dead, while bandits, kidnappers, and armed robbers are having field days unmolested in Kadunna Abuja highways on daily basis, forcing trained soldiers and policemen to now used train to travel. This is where police should show gallantry.

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